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The chief of the penalty department was also shocked!

That was too embarra.s.sing!

The Lord was still here!

So were the other students, and even an underaged girl!

That was too much for the eyes.

He quickly rushed forward and tried to stop Teacher Zhi but Gu Xijiu waved and said, "Wait, probably there is something more interesting coming along."

What? He was going to take off everything!

What a brave little girl! She was still looking at the half-naked teacher...

In fact, that was nothing for Gu Xijiu as she had seen more than these in the modern world...

She had seen many male naked bodies and yet, Teacher Zhi's acupoint was sealed, hence, he only exposed his chest after so long...

Somehow, she felt there would be more interesting episodes coming. Thus, she did not want anyone to interrupt so that she could find the truth!

"Gu Xijiu, come here!" The Lord called her.

Gu Xijiu turned around, "Yes?" She still thought about the teacher and wanted to return...

"I'm asking you to come over here!" The Lord said with an icy tone.

Fine, The Lord was most powerful, she could only obey.

She walked over and greeted, "How can I help you, The Lord?"

The Lord looked at her but remained silent.

Gu Xijiu could sense that he was looking at her head and she felt his gaze penetrating her skull...

Teacher Zhi was still making a certain sound, apparently, he was still trying to take off his clothes...

What on earth! You would not imagine how ancient people could say something so dirty!

Gu Xijiu was curious and suddenly her hearing was impaired as though her ears were stuffed with cotton!

Then, she was not only unable to see the performance behind but was also unable to hear...

Subconsciously, she rubbed her ears but could not find anything. Her eyes and ears were fine.

How come she suddenly lost her hearing?

How could this be? She still needs to hunt for information about Teacher Zhi!

She could not be bothered by her ears anymore, and tried to lower her head to see whether she could still see anything via the gap between her arms and her chest. However, The Lord suddenly asked, "Have you finished practicing any level of spiritual power which I told you to? Is there anything you don't understand? Is there nothing to ask since it's so difficult for you to see me?"

Gu Xijiu remained silent.

Strangely, she could not hear anyone around her but only The Lord. Was that the telepathic powers from The Lord?

The book was the fundamental knowledge of the wind spiritual power practice. Gu Xijiu was more than familiar and was even able to memorize it in just a few months.

However, she had the Firmament Stone around to help her when she faced problems.

Anyway, since The Lord had asked, she felt bad for not asking any questions. Therefore, she simply asked a few.

The Lord frowned as he found it strange for Gu Xijiu to have a problem with those simple theories.

Fine, she was an alien in this world. Perhaps, the simpler the question was, the harder it was for her to understand. Thus, he explained to her and even provided some examples. He also tried to relate the explanation to other things.

He talked slowly just like the drizzling rain, but his explanation was very detailed.

Gu Xijiu was surprised as rumor had it that The Lord did not talk much... but why was he being so naggy this time?

She knew most of the questions and would not be able to focus anymore.

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