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And she took another glance at Gu Xijiu before she continued, "Even if you have already married to him, I still like him and want to marry him."

Gu Xijiu turned her dzeren and replied her with two words, "You may."

Yun Qingluo felt that she did not need Gu Xijiu's approval, "You…"

Gu Xijiu suddenly looked at something behind her and frowned!

Yun Qingluo subconsciously looked back.

She saw that her friend was still standing stupidly, but her expression had changed. Her eyes were brightened, and her face was shining, "Yan Chen, finally you believed in me! Finally, you see me!" She seemed to want to cry, "I knew that you have good taste." And she nervously reached out her hand.

The mussel opened its sh.e.l.l, and the little doll smiled cunningly while reaching out its little hand, "Of course I believe in you, and I will always believe in you. Come and follow me."

The teenage girl trustingly put her hand into the hand of the mussel’s doll and held onto it!

"Mussel!" Gu Xijiu suddenly shouted.

The little doll in the mussel shivered and looked towards Gu Xijiu.

Its clear eyes were now bright red, and they seemed to have a burning flame within it.

"Let her go." Gu Xijiu only said three words.

If she had not stopped the mussel, it would have eaten the teenage girl!

The teenage girl was a student of the Tianju Hall after all. And it was alright to argue and beat each other during the fight, but they could not kill.

Otherwise, Gu Xijiu would lose her status as a listener and the mussel would also be sentenced to death!

The mussel had habitually eaten anyone which it got into its Mirage Illusion. It initially wanted to give her a lesson, but it did not manage to control itself and almost kill the girl!

The mussel was feeling awful because it could not have the food it lured into its trap.

It hesitated for a moment and discussed with Gu Xijiu, "She’s so wicked, can I just have one of her legs and arms?"

Gu Xijiu tore a leg from the grilled dzeren and swayed with her hand, "If you eat her leg and arm, you won’t have this leg anymore."

As the smell was good, the mussel swallowed its saliva and let go of the teenage girl’s hand. It rolled towards Gu Xijiu and grabbed the dzeren leg away.

The teenage girl was finally saved. She woke up from the Mirage Illusion and suspiciously looked around in a state of confusion, "You all…"

As she thought she was still in the illusion, she blurted, "Where’s Yan Chen?"

Yun Qingluo took a glance at her and replied indifferently, "Yan Chen’s not around." She paused and continued, "Hu Qingqing, are you staying with me just because you want to attract Yan Chen’s attention? And are you also very unhappy with me? If that's the case, our friendship shall end here." Then, she turned and walked away without turning back.

Hu Qingqing was red with embarra.s.sment and was shocked by what she heard.

"Hu Qingqing, I didn't know that you like Yan Chen." The teenager chuckled.

Hu Qingqing was red in the face with both anger and shame, she stared at the teenager, "Do I have to ask for your stupid permission for who I like?"

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