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Chapter 451: Everything Was Transient 6

It then closed its sh.e.l.l, leaned beside Gu Xijiu and fell asleep. As for Lu Wu, since it was still a baby beast and was still felt sleepy rather easily, it slept even earlier than the big mussel.

Therefore, the important task was to keep vigil and to a.s.sign the tired and injured to the Wind Caller.

The Wind Caller was very reliable. It insisted to stay awake for the whole night. However, it was too tired and sleepy so its eyelids kept closing. While it was half asleep, it felt a cold wind and the chill in the wind.

The Wind Caller immediately jumped up and saw that there were two people opposite the river not too far away.

It was a man and a woman. Both of them were wearing the same robes. They were not walking but flew straight towards their direction!

Both of their hair was hanging down and covered their faces, therefore, it could not see their faces clearly.

The two men appeared silently and after they appeared, the air in the surroundings seemed to have suddenly thickened.

It was quite windy at the river bank but it was just a normal wind. However, after the appearance of the two men, the wind became much more chilled and the atmosphere turned gloomy.

Although the Wind Caller was a knowledgeable beast, it had been living in the fifth peak for a long time and had seen very little humans. In such a short time, it could not differentiate the difference between these two men and the other human that it had seen before.

In its eyes, humans had always been the enemy of the beast and humans had always cooperated with each other.

Therefore, its first reaction was that these two men had come to catch it but not to harm Gu Xijiu…

It turned around to look at Gu Xijiu. She was sleeping soundly so it did not want to wake her up but to only pay full attention to the two men.

It was not easy to cross the Bone Dissolving Stream. It even needed to put full effort before it could cross the river.

The reason why its owner was resting here was to let it restore back its energy so that it could cross the river the next day…

The two men wandered for a while just opposite before leaping and flying towards its direction.

They seemed to have been blocked by something in the middle of the river when they were flying. However, it did not stop them as they continued to fly there. They were going to come over to the other side in just a blink of an eye!

The wind was even chiller now. The Wind Caller was cold that it was ridden with gooseb.u.mps!

Their breathing was heavy and did not look anything like a human!

Their hair speared out like water and revealed the pair of eyes. Their cold eyes stared at Gu Xijiu and their pupils turned from black to red as if they had seen their biggest arch enemy…

The strong wind blew up and the two men moved like lightning and headed directly to Gu Xijiu!
The Wind Caller wailed. It did not expect that the two men were not coming to it but its owner instead!

It was shocking and when it could react, the two men's black claws were about to latch onto Gu Xijiu's head!

It was too late for the Wind Caller to rescue it, so it could only close its eyes in fear.

It was actually a beast with pride. It could not stand merely being a human's ride. It was even a bit hostile to humanity. This time it was forced to follow Gu Xijiu because its baby wanted to stick to her. Therefore, it could only bear it to be her ride.

Now, the two men headed there directly mainly because it did not have enough time to rescue anyone but also because it was not very conscientious.

It thought that if this human died, perhaps its baby would be back by its side.

Due to this mentality, the Wind Caller did not react in a timely manner. It had not regarded itself as the ride of Gu Xijiu yet!

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