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As the mussel had eaten half of the fruit, it felt sorry when Gu Xijiu found out, "Master, I’m hungry and I just had to eat. I’ve eaten three fruits now…"

Gu Xijiu was speechless and by a momentary oversight, she had put the mussel together with the fruits.

The mussel was a gourmand and thus putting it together with delicious fruits was like enclosing a wolf in a sheep's pen…

The mussel also felt that it had wronged her, so it quickly pushed the leftovers towards Gu Xijiu, "Master, I left you half of the fruit."

The mussel liked to drool and thus this fruit was dripping with saliva. Gu Xijiu had no appet.i.te when she saw it, "Keep it for yourself."

"Thank you master!" The mussel was so happy that it sucked the leftovers clean in just a second.

"Purr!" Lu Wu, which was sitting on Gu Xijiu’s wrist suddenly slid swiftly into the opening storage bag and then carried out a red big fruit with its nine tails.

It had higher principles than the mussel because it put that red fruit in front of Gu Xijiu and kept purring as if asking for permission to have it.

Though it was asking but its nine tails were holding the fruit so tightly that n.o.body could take it away from it.

Gu Xijiu was very angry as she thought that the two beasts which she just conquered were not disciplined at all, and that she should be enforcing some rules.

Therefore, she took out the fruit from the nine tails of Lu Wu and educated it, "Even if it belongs to your master, you must not simply take it. You have to get the permission from your master before you can have it…"

Both Lu Wu and the mussel knew what she was getting at, so she only had to discipline them with long sentences.

As the mussel had lived together with Gu Xijiu for a while already and was also shameless, it was alright.

But Lu Wu was still a baby and thus its eyes immediately became watery. As its appearance was cute, Gu Xijiu could not help but feel sorry for it.

However, she persisted because she knew that she should set some rules.

Even a kid should be disciplined when they are being naughty instead of spoiling them.

As both Lu Wu’s tears and the mussel’s cuteness were not working, the two of them finally acknowledged their mistake and apologized.

The mussel could speak human language, so it could express its remorse to Gu Xijiu easily.

As for Lu Wu, it kept purring but Gu Xijiu seemed not to understand. Therefore, it was worried and turned to the mussel, grimacing.

The mussel was rather afraid of it and thus, it unwillingly helped Lu Wu to translate its remorse.

Gu Xijiu nodded her head and forgave them as she saw their att.i.tudes were rather sincere.

After all, she just conquered them and thus, it was alright for them not to understand the rules yet. She would teach them gradually.

Lu Wu was still staring at the red fruit but Gu Xijiu ignored it and gave the fruit to the wind caller which she had ridden on for a day.

The wind caller definitely wanted to eat the fruit as all fruits Celestial Master Zuo gave were definitely rare and superb.

Besides, as they were the beasts of the fifth peak and above, they had a spiritual understanding and thus knew the quality of the fruits.

The wind caller also knew the advantages of the fruit but it cared about Lu Wu.

Though little Lu Wu neither recognized the windcaller nor the same species, the windcaller had incubated Lu Wu for three years like it's darling and thus, had taken it as its own baby.

Therefore, as the wind caller saw Lu Wu’s watery eyes, it took the fruit in its mouth and brought it to Lu Wu…

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