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Gu Xijiu was speechless but the Firmament Stone continued, "This man was indeed very mean, so what if you recognize who he is? How could he be angry just because you didn’t point out that he’s an impostor? This man is really insane! He kept bothering you and then turned hostile and run away the next moment!"

Gu Xijiu tapped it with her finger, "Alright, I haven’t said anything yet why are you complaining? You can’t simply complain Celestial Master Zuo or you’d be crashed into pieces if he knows."

"Master, I complain because I don’t understand. Why would he turn hostile suddenly?"

"Maybe like what he said, he came just to examine my mind and qualities. This person does things according to his will and also unpredictable. Therefore, it’s better that we don’t guess simply. Alright, we should prepare to descend the mountain."

The ident.i.ty of Si Chen was not genuine and thus, the warmth of his company was unreal too. Everything was indeed unreal, it was just an act.

Thus, she took it as the actor just acted in the sentimental movie whereby the touching scenes in the movie were all unreal and she should neither crave nor remember it.

The reason why she was feeling bad because she had fallen too deep into her role and had not walked out yet.

But she will definitely walk out of it and took everything was a transient.

Gu Xijiu perked up and let mussel turned into the size of a fist so that she could put it into her storage bag.

Then, she patted on the windcaller’s horn, "Would you like to follow me?"

The windcaller actually knew what she said as it nodded immediately and showed its back which also meant Gu Xijiu could ride on it.

"Master, it wanted to become your mount! That’s great!" The Firmament Stone also perked up and said happily, "It’s going to be easy for you to go out of the Dark Forest by riding on it! As it’s the fourth morning since you entered, you have another four whole days for you to go out and that’s more than enough."

The Firmament Stone was right, she was able to go through smoothly all the way out.

However, it was not because of she was riding on the windcaller which could run speedily but the mythological beast, Lu Wu, which was on her wrist. Though it was small, it was scary to many other beasts. While Gu Xijiu met some ferocious beasts blocking their way, Lu Wu on her arm would jump out happily before she could do anything…

And the ferocious beast would be absorbed by Lu Wu before it could eat Gu Xijiu.

As the beasts were also inter-connected, some beasts which saw Lu Wu’s ferocious attack, they immediately spread the news to their family and friends so that they would not come blocking Gu Xijiu’s way and die…

Therefore, wherever Gu Xijiu go, all the beasts would run away, even faster than the rabbit running for its life!

Within a day, Gu Xijiu managed to run through the fifth peak, fourth peak and reached the boundary between fourth and third peak.

The Bone Dissolving Stream was flowing quietly and the pebbles by the bank were still round and smooth. However, the silhouette of the youth fishing by the bank could no longer be seen and Gu Xijiu believed that she would never see that youth again…

She stopped for a moment at the bank and stared at the stream.

After a day of travelling, she was rather hungry. Thus, she subconsciously put her hand into the storage bag, wanted to rummage out a fruit to eat. But when she took out the fruit, the mussel was seen on the fruit…

And half of the fruit had been eaten by the mussel.

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