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Chapter 396: Honey, So You Actually Like This 3
Gu Xijiu thought that she had been planning her strategy in great details, but when she arrived at the third peak only then she realized that her approach was total rubbish and not usable at all!

The density of these monsters was high, and each of the monsters was as fierce as a wolf or a tiger.

No, they were much more terrible than the ordinary wolves and tigers! They moved as fast as lightning and knew to blow wind, spray mist, and some even knew how to be invisible!

If she did not know teleportation, she would not have lasted for an hour!

Under such threat, not to mention being unable to rest, she did not even have any time to breathe. She had not been in such a problematic situation throughout her life!

No wonder Rong Jialuo, who had a level six spiritual power, almost died when he reached the edge of the third peak. This place was indeed hazardous!

As she had been running continuously, she was somewhat tired, but she could only get a safe place to rest in the middle of the night.

Gu Xijiu previously did not understand why the forest was known as the Dark Forest because, when she was looking from above, she felt that the land was radiating seven colors of light and was looking good and was not dark at all.

However, she understood how dark the forest was when she entered it.

The sky here was always dark black!

When she just landed on the hill with stones and pebbles, she saw the bright sun, blue sky, and white clouds.

But as soon as she entered the forest, she was forced to teleport continuously for a couple of times, and when Gu Xijiu finally managed to look into the sky again, she found out that the sun, blue sky, and white clouds had all vanished.

It was not the sunlight which shined through the gaps between the blue ice branches and leaves but darkness.

She initially wanted to identify her location based on the sun's direction, but she could no longer do so.

As the compa.s.s had malfunctioned, the sky was out of sight, and the environment was looking the same. The trees here were harder than iron, though Gu Xijiu managed to chop down one while dealing with the monster, the growth ring of the tree was very symmetrical! Therefore, she could not identify her direction, but the reality proved that those methods were useless here and people could not identify their path at all.

As she could not identify which direction was the direction to descend, she stopped rushing about blindly.

She could not continue to be like this!

She was standing on a big tree and took a deep breath. Then, she took out fruit from her storage bag and took a harsh bite while alertly watching her surroundings. Meanwhile, she was brainstorming for alternatives to escape.

As she had been running for half a day, her body was starving and tired, but after she ate the fruit, she felt that her stomach was full and her body strengthened.

What fruit was this?

She lowered her head to take a look at the kernel in her hand, but she could not recognize it.

And she remembered it was the fruit which Di Fuyi compensated for taking away many things from her.

At that time, there were many fruits and snacks on the table of his ship. They were very delicate, but Gu Xijiu knew none of them.

Though she was somewhat curious, both Yun Qingluo and her felt embarra.s.sed to pick one of them if he did not invite them too.

Then, all these fruits and snacks were being put into her storage back and occupied almost half of her storage bag.

She thought he was pranking her, but she understands now.

He took away all the things which were useless yet s.p.a.ce consuming in the Dark Forest like a tent, sleeping bags, etc. Because she would not have any time to set up a tent or to sleep under such hazardous situations at all!

Not to mention she could not even have the opportunity to yawn.

She manages to rest for five minutes, but an owl-like monster, which was eight times larger than a regular owl, and had a mouth of tusks, was flying towards her!

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