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Yun Qingluo grew up in a spotlight where everyone admired her. She seemed to have a gentle disposition at all times. In truth, she was indeed very arrogant. There was not anyone in Haoyue Kingdom who would disregard her preeminence. It was like a myriad of stars surrounding the moon no matter where she went.

Never in her life had she encountered such a bitter experience like this one. Certainly, she did not feel good about it.

Her decent upbringing had, however, taught her to behave in a proper manner even in times of rage. She did not let her temper show.

She actually wanted to leave, but she did not want to be part of him.

What she had was an honest misunderstanding. Gu Xijiu was just looking at her out of curiosity for the source of the noise. She could not care less about the situation, let alone the idea of exhibiting her superiority.

She was in the midst of a linguistic fight with Di Fuyi. She was so focused that she did not care about anyone else at all.

She tried to deal with Di Fuyi in a pleasant and composed manner, "How long are you going to use me as your excuse?" Since this was only a deal, it must come clearly with a price.

To her, it was nothing but a normal question. Instead, Di Fuyi lowered his gaze and looked at her with a faint smile, "Are you desperately trying to break away from me?"

"If you want to make me your cover-up, there has to be a duration at least, so do set a time limit," sighed Gu Xijiu.

Di Fuyi thereupon replied her with a time limit, "A hundred years."

She was in shock.

Gu Xijiu looked at him with her eyes wide open, as it felt almost like a joke to her.

Instead of a hundred years, he might as well reply with a thousand years.

How many years could she live?

In fact, the people in this world had a short lifespan in general. A hundred years was considered longevity.

There were only a few rare cases, like Di Fuyi, who had lived so long and had not grown old. Similarly, all of them had achieved a spiritual power of level nine.

In a world so big and populous, there were very few people who could attain such an achievement in their spiritual power. All of them were the cream of the crop, obviously, the best of the best.

The cultivation of spiritual power could be compared to the process of unlocking levels in a game. One could easily escalate through the first few levels. The process became increasingly more difficult and time-consuming as the levels went higher. Furthermore, devoting oneself completely to the practice did not always guarantee a good outcome.

For instance, for the cultivation of spiritual power from level six to level seven, one would have to spend twice the time taken for all the practice before reaching level six.

As for the cultivation from level seven to level eight, it would require a total amount of experience that was equivalent to five times the amount of practice before achieving level seven.

With regards to the achievement of level eight and level nine, the amount of effort required was already beyond comprehension.

In the whole wide world, only three Great Lords and two Celestial Masters had successfully attained the ultimate level nine – other pract.i.tioners were still slowly making it through the process. They would have died before they could make it through the long struggle.

Gu Xijiu did not think that she could attain her spiritual power at level nine within a few decades of practice. Presumably, her lifespan should be around a hundred and ten years.

Evidently, he sounded like he had planned to use her as an excuse for the rest of her life.

Since they had already made things clear in advance, she decided to go straight to the point, "Actually, I don’t think that you are the kind of person who cares about mundane gossips and the unfounded rumors that people speak of you. You have such an exalted rank in the society, so even if everyone knows that you like men, they would not dare talk about it in front of you. As a real man, you should be bold enough to do what you want and accept the consequences in return. Why should you hide behind others and conceal the truth?"

She said that he liked men.

How could she perceive such a wrong impression of him?

He gritted his teeth. With a smile, he said, "I’m sure you’re aware that I’m in pursuit of perfection in the things I do; no flaws are ever allowed. Long Siye is sensitive about his own reputation, so he must not let this dishonor be widespread. Sweetheart, we can only trouble you with such inconvenience. Furthermore, the Emperor has already put his mind to make you his daughter-in-law. You’re not the heaven's gift disciple and you can’t go against the Emperor’s will, so why not just marry me? Even the Emperor has no power to take away my wife from me. Marrying me will save you from a lot of trouble. You can even get along with Long Siye, as openly as day. Doesn’t this sound like a perfect plan that satisfies both of us?"

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