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Chapter 373: It Has Nothing To Do With Him

Gu Xijiu’s eyes darkened, "What if I’m not willing to?" What she hated the most was being told what to do.

No matter how many ident.i.ties she had come up with, he could still see through her disguise almost immediately. If that were the case, she would rather stay in the Dark Forest.

She could stay for at least a year until she was 15 years old.

According to the promise that Di Fuyi had made with Luo Xinglan, it was stated that if she could not make it out of the Dark Forest before she turned 15, the engagement would not be taken into account.

Di Fuyi fixed his gaze on her, as he seemed to have read her thoughts. His gaze darkened, "Are you really reluctant to accept the engagement?"

Gu Xijiu b.u.t.toned her lips.

Di Fuyi took a moment of silence. He then sharpened his eyes at her and said with a smile, "Actually, it’ll do more good to you if you’re engaged to me, at least Long Siye won’t be tangled up with you anymore, isn’t it? Or is it – that you’re still hoping that he keeps holding on to you?"

"It has nothing to do with him!" answered Gu Xijiu, almost immediately.

She sounded eager as if worried that Di Fuyi might actually go and cause Long Siye trouble. Di Fuyi’s smile disappeared, "It’s best that it has nothing to do with him! It’s fate that both of you have not had the luck to be together, so you’d better stop thinking about him!" said Di Fuyi, noncommittally.

Gu Xijiu was speechless at that instant.

"Don’t worry! He’s yours! I’m not interested!" She said icily.

He caught in her words and stumbled a little, "He’s mine…" said Di Fuyi, repeating her words. He gnashed his teeth a little in a slight rage.

He blinked his eyes deliberately and peered at her. All of a sudden, he laughed, "Yes, he’s mine. Do remember what you’ve just said!" Said Di Fuyi in slow, measured tones.

Except for the part that he whispered in her ears, the rest of their conversation was conducted in their personal acoustical control, secretly. Only the two of them could hear what they said. The outsiders would have no clue at all.

It seemed like they were casting loving glances back and forth to each other as if Celestial Master Zuo was there to lift Gu Xijiu up just when she was about to stumble across her seat. Bashfully, she then seemed to fix her posture and sit upright. All of a sudden, Celestial Master Zuo appeared to hold her tenderly in his arms and whispered softly into her ears – this was all from an outsider's perspective.

The entire scenario had cast an immense impact. Apparently, the people were infuriated, as they were glowering at them in strong disapproval.

Was it still the same Celestial Master Zuo, who was known to not be fond of women? Was he still the same person who never allowed any woman to approach him in close proximity?

Gu Xietian did not know how to feel about all this.

To his surprise, the superior Celestial Master Zuo had gone to the length of becoming his son-in-law.

He was in doubt. Even if this was just a dream, it still seemed like a sheer absurdity to him.

Suddenly, there was a clear, crisp sound of the plate falling to the ground.

Everyone looked towards the direction of the sound. Then, they saw Yun Qingluo sitting there, with a tilting plate at the side of her feet. Her soup had spilled all over the place.

"Pardon me, it slipped out of my hand," she explained to everyone, apologetically.

"There’s no big deal, it’s just a plate," said the Emperor, as he commanded his servants to clean it up.

Yun Qingluo could not hold back her gaze towards Di Fuyi. He looked up and returned her gaze. It was only a glimpse, but enough to cause a stir in her heart. She lowered her head and held her fingers even more tightly beneath her sleeves.

Gu Xijiu turned her look towards her direction as well, but it was simply a quick glance and her attention only lasted for a brief moment.

Yun Qingluo possessed a specific power as if she had a third eye that could help her observe everything in her surroundings without actually looking around.

Even with her head lowered down, she could clearly feel Gu Xijiu’s glance at her. She held her fingers so tightly as though they were about to penetrate her flesh.

Was the Lord’s follower trying to display superiority with her glance?

It seemed like she had forgotten her worth, just because she had achieved the status that she was obviously not worthy of. It was unbelievable that she had the audacity to demonstrate her superiority and made a fool out of the Heaven's Gift disciple.

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