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"Yes! It is real… She really made this marriage arrangement for my daughter with Celestial Master Zuo… She…" The bracelet still existed but the owner was no longer alive. Gu Xietian suddenly felt sad.

Emperor Xuan immediately looked at him. Gu Xietian calmed himself down and explained, "This inked heart bracelet was the dowry of my wife. It was given by her mother and was made by meteorite jade. It used to be in a pair and had been kept by my wife for a long time. After that, there was one missing and I had misunderstood her… I never knew that she gave it to Celestial Master Zuo as the token of engagement to my daughter…"

It seemed like Di Fuyi was not lying!

Gu Xijiu really did have a marriage arrangement with Celestial Master Zuo. Although it was still not valid, as long as Gu Xijiu survived from the Dark Forest, the marriage arrangement would become valid!

So, regardless whether Gu Xijiu could survive from the Dark Forest, it had nothing to do with anyone else!

Everyone looked at each other. It seemed like she was unofficially owned by someone else.

So what was the point of all the dispute a moment ago?

"Firmament, I thought you said that the bracelet was a black hair spelled bracelet? How can it become the inked heart bracelet? I remember you said that it looked like jade because he used the magic to cover it up? Is it still magic now?" Gu Xijiu eagerly asked the Firmament Stone.

The Firmament Stone also wondered, "It was indeed a black hair spelled bracelet when I saw it at that time. Could I be seeing it wrong? Master, it seems like this marriage arrangement is true. You are going to be his fiancé!"

Gu Xijiu was speechless.

She always had a feeling of a little fantasy and uncertainty.

After all, Emperor Xuan had been king for so many years and he was not easily fooled. Although Di Fuyi took out the inked heart bracelet, it was not convincing with only a token of engagement.

Perhaps this bracelet was picked by Celestial Master Zuo?

After all, Luo Xinglan had jumped off the cliff and until now, no one could find her corpse or confirm her death.

He had this doubt in his mind but it was not good for him to ask it by himself, thus he winked at one of the ministers to signal them.

This minister was the advocate of Crown Prince. Naturally, he would want to pair the Crown Prince with Gu Xijiu. He felt unhappy when the marriage arrangement between Crown Prince and Gu Xijiu was interrupted when it was just about to be sealed. Now that he got the signal from Emperor Xuan, he made up his mind and boldly asked, "Celestial Master Zuo, normally, it requires more evidence and proof to make an engagement valid…"

When Di Fuyi looked at him, his heartbeat paced faster, "Of course, as you said this marriage arrangement was a tad special, it is okay not to have more evidence and proof. However, I think it is not too convincing with only a token of engagement. As it is a serious and important matter, do you have any other evidence to verify your statement?"

Di Fuyi looked at him, "It is not valid with only a token of engagement?"

"According to the law in Feixing Kingdom, it is not…"

"What about a written letter?" Di Fuyi took out a yellowish paper from his sleeve and casually said, "The written letter by Luo Xinglan is here. Your Majesty, you can take a look."

He flicked the letter with his fingertip and the letter flew towards Emperor Xuan.

Emperor Xuan opened the letter and read it for a moment, his face turning slightly pale. He could recognize the writing of Luo Xinglan and those writings did belong to her! The content was exactly the same as what Di Fuyi had shared!

He handed the letter to Gu Xietian. Gu Xietian read the letter again and again. He knelt down, "Your Majesty, this was indeed written by my wife."

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