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Chapter 364: You Are Not a Drunkard, Why Would You Want to Drin

This guy was fussier and hard to trifle with. Therefore, Gu Xijiu had to smile to apologize to Yun Qingluo, before raising her gla.s.s for a toast to Di Fuyi.
The wine offered by Di Fuyi was very nice. It was not making her drunk but even more sober instead. She was a little bit tipsy just now but the effect had now vanished.
At this time the servant had finally brought her wine set over and put it in front of her.
Gu Xijiu sighed in relief. When she was about to pour herself a gla.s.s of wine to toast to Yun Qingluo, Di Fuyi who sat beside her suddenly said, "You don’t like my wine?"
"… No, I like it…"
"Then why would you want to change your drink?"
"I… Can I always drink your wine?" Gu Xijiu asked uncertainly.
"You can for tonight."
Alright, no Gu Xijiu was resting a.s.sured!
In fact, the wine prepared by Emperor Xuan was excellent, but when compared to the wine prepared by Di Fuyi, it was only half as good. Thus, naturally, Gu Xijiu was more than happy to drink his wine.

Therefore, she poured another gla.s.s and clinked it with Yun Qingluo's.
A small incident had finally pa.s.sed. The hall was back to normal and was noisy again.
However, it was only the surface.
The interaction between Gu Xijiu and Di Fuyi had been a question mark in everyone’s mind. It was just that everyone hid it well on the outside.
Some people continued to come and gave a toast to Gu Xijiu. Since there were so many people who wanted to drink with her, she did not finish it entirely but only had a small sip of the wine.
However, because there were too many people, despite her drinking just a sip with everyone, she had finished six gla.s.ses of wine!
During this period, she also poured wine for Di Fuyi several times.
His jug of wine was bottomless. Regardless of how many times Gu Xijiu poured the wine, it was always full so Gu Xijiu could drink without worries.
Rong Che suddenly stood up and lifted his hand with a wine gla.s.s toward Gu Xijiu. He laughed, "Xijiu, I didn’t have time to give you a toast when you were sitting next to me. It was my fault, let me drink two gla.s.ses as punishment, and you can drink freely."
He then drained the two gla.s.ses of wine continuously.
Since he was so generous, Gu Xijiu did not want to drink freely too, thus, she filled her gla.s.s to the brim. When she wanted to drink it, a hand pressed onto her gla.s.s to stop her, "Do you want to go into the Dark Forest drunk?"
His palm was warm, so warm that it seeped into her heart through her skin.
Gu Xijiu slightly stiffed. She tried to withdraw from the hand but failed.
Di Fuyi immediately took the gla.s.s away from her hand and said casually, "You are not a drunkard. Why would you want to drink so much? Those people who want to give you toast after toast must not have good intentions…"
Everyone remained silent.
He glanced through the crowd and said loudly, "Whoever who still wants to give her a toast, please step forward, all together."
Of course, no one would dare to go over.
Even Rong Che was scared too. He coughed and said, "Xijiu, I think you don’t need to drink anymore. Save your energy for your journey into the Dark Forest tomorrow."
Everyone adhered to the agreement.
At this point, other than those people who were not sensitive enough, everyone could vaguely sense the unusual relationship between Di Fuyi and Gu Xijiu…
It seemed to be a bit ambiguous…
Was it possible?
Di Fuyi who had never been tempted by anything, was attracted by a little girl?
Although this little person was very capable, there were a lot more ladies who were more capable than she was in the past few years and was even prettier too. Di Fuyi had never been attracted to anyone until now…

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