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Chapter 345: It’s Not Necessary To Be Calculative With Them
Besides that, she is so ugly, and her birthmark is disgusting! Even Rong Yan dislikes her, how could Celestial Master Zuo fall for her?!

When Celestial Master Zuo helped her at the Open Heaven Stage, he just did it in favor of The Lord. Honestly, although she is the disciple of The Lord, I don't give a sh*t. Although she is no longer trash and possesses level two spiritual power, she is no different compared to an ordinary person. I don't understand why His Majesty treasures her like a gem."
Her a.n.a.lysis made sense.
Rong Chu stopped and said, "I’m sure it's not her… I’m actually quite mad that His Majesty wanted to me to marry her! How could he just simply stuff her to me even when Rong Yan didn’t want her…"
"What!?" The lady suddenly screamed! "His Majesty wants you to marry her?"
"Shhhh! Stop screaming!" Rong Chu continued, "I definitely won't agree! Hng, His Majesty is biased! He wants to match Rong Jialuo and Yun Qingluo and wants me to marry the ugly girl!"
"When… When did His Majesty say that?" The lady was mad until her voice trembled.
"His Majesty didn't say it clearly, but I can sense that he means that. He always talks about the ugly girl and told me to interact with her more frequently…"
"Did you?" The lady was worried.
"Of course not! Since the test ended, I haven’t seen her. Besides that, she has been focusing on her martial arts, not many people have seen her."
Both of them continued talking, and once in a while, they argued again as they slowly walked away.
Rong Jialuo looked at Gu Xijiu and asked, "Xijiu, why didn’t you let me out?"
He wanted to teach them a lesson when they insulted Gu Xijiu, but he was blocked by the victim.
Gu Xijiu twitched her lips and said, "It’s not necessary to be calculative with them."
Rong Jialuo sighed, "I just didn’t want you to be insulted…"

"Thanks." Gu Xijiu drank the tea and pondered as she sat down.
"Xijiu, don’t take their words too personally…" Rong Jialuo tried to comfort her as he thought she was mad with what they said.
"I’m fine. It felt like I had been barked at by two dogs. Oh right! Is it real? Your father wants him to marry me?"
Rong Jialuo grabbed his fist in his sleeve, "This…"
"I want to know the truth, Your Highness."
"Indeed, His Majesty has that intention. One day, he just randomly told me that my twelfth brother could no longer marry you. However, His Majesty didn’t want to break his promise to your mother and insisted on you marrying the prince. He also said he must select a good prince as you’re the disciple of The Lord. Hence, he mentioned Rong Chu."
Gu Xijiu frowned and remained silent.
The Emperor sent an invitation card to her and invited her to a meal in the palace as a farewell. Does he have something else behind this invitation? Did he intend to match her with another b.a.s.t.a.r.d?

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