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Gu Tianchao tried to escape a few times, but Gu Xijiu managed to block him.

Gu Tianchao almost peed his pants as he looked at Gu Xijiu’s glare!

"Gu Xijiu! I’m the only son in the family; there will be no heir to the Gu family if I die!" Gu Tianchao kept screaming.

He got distracted when he shouted and got hit by Gu Xijiu. Her attacks were potent; Gu Tianchao thought he was. .h.i.t by a big hammer. He flew out from the yard and crashed into the wall and then slumped to the ground slowly. A lot of blood gushed out from his mouth.

Gu Xijiu quickly rushed forward to prepare to give her final blow!

Two shadows came from different directions,


"Xijiu, stop it!"

Both of them tried to save Gu Tianchao. A golden ray hit Gu Xijiu’s palm to restrict her power, and another red beam shone on her left ribs. Gu Xietian was the one who released the golden ray. He had practiced this spiritual skill for many years, and his power was now ranked at level six!

Of course, his martial arts were not similar to Gu Tianchao's. He was in a hurry to save his son. Hence the power he used on Gu Xijiu was quite strong. He not only restricted Gu Xijiu’s power but also hurt her! The red ray came from a guy who was wearing a green robe. His martial arts were terrific as the beam was like a small sun. Gu Xijiu would have been severely injured if the ray had hit her. Another person had appeared and managed to block the red ray from hurting her.

Although three of them were not attacking at the same time, it was almost the same.

"Piakk!" "Crash!" "Strike!"

After a while, everyone stood separately.

It was apparent that the guy who was was wearing a green robe had the most powerful martial arts as he had successfully attacked the guy who was standing at the wall. Most of the ray was blocked from hurting Gu Xijiu, but the tail of the ray still struck her.

Gu Xijiu took a few steps back after being hurt by Gu Xietian and the guy who was wearing a green robe!

The guy at the wall looked pale but tried his best to maneuver himself in front of Gu Xijiu, "How dare you guys attack the disciple of The Lord!"

It was the Crown Prince (Rong Jialuo)! Gu Xijiu swallowed a mouthful of blood as it rushed up to her throat and then slowly got up as she stared at the two people in the opposite direction. She smiled and said, "Excellent, General Gu!"

Gu Xietian immediately regretted his rash decision, but he could not change anything anymore. He felt incredibly guilty as he saw her pale face. He stepped forward and said, "Xijiu, are you alright? I… I just wanted to restrict you; I did not intend to hurt you…"

At this point, Gu Tianchao, who almost became the mural art on the wall, was delighted when he saw the man with the green robe, "Mentor!"

The man who was wearing a green robe was Dao Qingyang. He was the first disciple of the overlord of the Jiuxing clan, and he was also the mentor of Gu Tianchao. Besides that, he was also the senior in the Jiuxing clan.

His spiritual power has reached level eight which is extremely rare on the mainland.

Gu Tianchao was very happy when he saw him. It was as though he saw his savior! His internal organs almost exploded earlier when Gu Xijiu attacked him. There was blood dripping down from the edge of his mouth too.

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