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Everyone just shook their heads.

"Look, you little b*tch, no one heard it! You think this is the Open Heaven Stage? B*tch, little b*tch, a b*tch with no mother.

Your mother is a b*tch and so are you…" Before Leng Xiangyu managed to finish cursing, Gu Xijiu suddenly disappeared. Everyone heard some noises and suddenly saw Leng Xiangyu thrown out from the corridor and crashed into a wall nearby!

"B*tch! What are you doing!?" Gu Tianchao did not expect that Gu Xijiu would hit his mother and he never thought she could react so quickly!

That really too fast for him to respond and he just watched his mother thrown against a wall!

He was outraged and tried to strike Gu Xijiu! His spiritual power was ranked slightly above level four, and he was talented in martial arts. All his skills were revealed when he was mad and it was powerful enough to destroy rocks and metals!

If he managed to strike a human, that person would probably become a piece of minced meat.

"Ahh!" Someone screamed and a piece of burger meat was lying on the ground...

Gu Tianchao was shocked as he did not think it was so easy to strike her. He suddenly recalled the punishment for those who insulted the disciple of The Lord and his face was pale!


He even tried to run away and left his mother behind!

"How could you leave without fighting to the end?" A clear voice came from behind. It was not his mother, but it was Gu Xijiu!"

Gu Tianchao suddenly turned his head and saw Gu Xijiu standing there safely with tidy clothes. And the burger meat on the floor was wearing a servant’s outfit... He realized that he did not kill Gu Xijiu but instead a loyal servant of his mother!

He had yet to recover from fear and stared at Gu Xijiu, "Your… Your Qing Gong is not bad…" Gu Xijiu smiled and suddenly glared, "You're right. My Qing Gong is not bad and my Kung Fu is also not bad either!" She suddenly rushed toward him.

Gu Tianchao was alert and knew he would be in trouble if he killed her.

Anyhow, this sister would be sent to the Dark Forest two days later. Although Celestial Master Zuo had not mentioned Gu Xijiu since he returned, that did not mean he would not talk about this later. Thus, Gu Tianchao did not dare to hurt her even though he hated her so much.

To him, this sister was basically trash, only her Qing Gong and medical knowledge were worth being mentioned. However, he realized something was wrong after fighting with her! She attacked fiercely with strange martial arts. Even if he tries his best, he might not be able to defeat her.

Unfortunately for him, he lost the fight. He could not counter-attack anymore when he realized the truth. He was sweaty and scared. He shouted, "Gu Xijiu! Do you really want to kill me?"

Indeed! She intended to kill him! He was such an annoying jerk!

His first strike was an attempt to kill her. Why would he deserve to be forgiven?

She did not speak but continued to attack. She was dressed in black so her fast movements made her look like a goblin and her aura was as strong as an [1] Asura. Gu Tianchao was frightened as he has never seen that side of Gu Xijiu. The rest of the servants had already run away in fear. Some were trying to carry Leng Xiangyu, and some just knelt down to seek forgiveness. Most were screaming as they ran. It was utterly chaotic!

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