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Upper bound… So what?! He would even go to the upper bound to kill the people there if his anger was triggered!

He was watching quietly. Suddenly, he felt a breeze and The Lord appeared beside him. Di Fuyi stared at him before moving two steps sideways and ignored him.

The Lord deliberately coughed. "What do you think about the golden giant?"

Di Fuyi pretended that he did not hear The Lord.

The Lord leaned over to him again. "Are you angry?"

Di Fuyi sounded indifferent. "I do not dare to be angry with you."

He then took two steps to the side and distanced himself from him.

The Lord remained silent.

He looked towards the other side and realized that Gu Xietian, Long Siye and the rest of the masters who had left the forbidden zone were not watching the battle. Several pairs of eyes were looking at both of them.

Some looked surprised; some looked thoughtful, and some seemed to realize that it was strange.

Gu Xietian, in particular, had opened his eyes wider than a pair of bull eyes!

He looked at The Lord and Di Fuyi again and again. He seemed to have realized something and had a complicated look on his face.

However, The Lord was able to read his emotions through his pair of eyes. 'A pair of gays!'

This thought arose in numerous people's hearts at the same time. Now, they finally understood why The Lord favored and trusted Celestial Master Zuo a lot and why Celestial Master Zuo had been single for so long. It was because he had such a relationship with The Lord.

Gu Xietian grabbed his fists tightly in his sleeve and began to worry about his daughter.

'Celestial Master Zuo and The Lord were couples. What about my daughter?'

'Where is my daughter? Why hasn't she shown up yet?'

He could not hold himself back any longer. Finally, he walked over. He first greeted The Lord before he asked Di Fuyi, "Celestial Master Zuo, where is my daughter? Since you have no interest in her, can you release her and help her to clear this misunderstanding."

Di Fuyi was stunned, and he glanced at The Lord. The Lord smiled and looked at him without interjection. The Lord wanted him to solve the situation by himself.

Di Fuyi laughed. "Rest a.s.sured that she is safe. Though I no longer have a marriage arrangement with her, we are still friends. I will help her to clean up this misunderstanding once the problem is solved."

Finally, Gu Xietian felt more a.s.sured. He bowed to him and said, "Thank you!"

Di Fuyi replied, "General Gu, you don't have to be so courteous to me. Please bring your family members and head home first. They have been through a lot and are physically injured. I believe that they would need some rest."

Gu Xietian nodded. He had a feeling that Celestial Master Zuo still cared about the Gu family as he spoke rather politely to him. It made him somewhat gratified.

He never expected that Celestial Master Zuo was gay! Fortunately, his daughter had escaped from their wedding last time and did not marry him. Otherwise, she would be living as a widow and would be jealous of The Lord.

It was horrible! Fortunately, the wedding was not successful! However, her daughter was not young anymore. He would have to persuade her to find a decent husband and get married to him as soon as he saw her.

Though the fight between the giant and the trio was a rare sight, the Gu family members were still in utter shock. Up until now, there were still many people who were injured. They needed healing both physically and emotionally.

Gu Xietian, as a family leader, naturally had to comfort them. So, he walked back to the Gu family residence and guided them home.

Just as he was about to leave, he seemed to have felt a pair of eyes watching him. Subconsciously, he turned back and saw that a handsome young man was watching him.

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