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At this moment, Fairy Queen Li looked like she was a princess from a powerful country who came to a small country to form a relationship by marriage. She felt superior and stared at The Lord. "I am a queen from the upper bound. I received an order to come here and execute this task. My Lord, you should be proud to marry me."

She was unable to continue her sentence as The Lord had waved his sleeve at her and launched a colorful ray of light to tie her up. Fairy Queen Li was shocked and screamed. When she regained her consciousness, she was lying on the ground.

The ground was dirty. There were puddles of blood everywhere due to the war. Fairy Queen Li had fallen with an improper posture. It was a dog posture, and she had injured her face due to the fall. Her dress was stained with blood, and her hair was messy. She looked rather embarra.s.sed.

Her golden armored servant had not expected The Lord to act so quickly, and so he was unable to stop him. It was when Fairy Queen Li had fallen that he reacted by yelling. "How dare you tie up the queen from the upper bound?"

He was like a golden tower as he held his vajra scepter. He immediately sprang over towards The Lord.

His skill was outstanding. He struck his vajra scepter in fast motions to the extent that multiple shadows were formed in the sky and it rained down directly onto The Lord!

He had hidden his ability earlier on. Many people at the square had seen him used this skill before. At that time, they did not feel that his skill was that powerful. They did not expect to see it improve so drastically. His skill was powerful now!

Moreover, the skill he used was something beyond this world. At this moment, he exerted his full strength to the extent that a hurricane was formed. The immense pressure swept through the entire square.

It felt like an entire mountain had collapsed on them, and the people could not bear the immense pressure that had formed.

The Lord raised his eyebrows and just when he was about to launch a counterattack, Hua Wuyan, Qian Yueran, and Tian Jiyue rushed over and offered. "My Lord, let us fight in your place!"

They directly intercepted the golden giant and launched a counterattack. Hua Wuyan and Qian Yueran hated Fairy Queen Li and her servant a lot because they had been controlled by the venomous spell of Fairy Queen Li!

Meanwhile, they also hated the golden armored giant personally as he had caught and interrogated them about the information regarding Celestial Master Zuo and The Lord in the past. It was an insult to them. After that, Fairy Queen Li treated them like servants when they were controlled under her venomous spell. She always ordered them to execute tasks for her.

Though they could not control their own body at that time, their minds were clear and conscious and so they felt humiliated. They could not wait to kill the two of them!

If The Lord had not shown up and removed their spells, they would still be controlled like crickets.

Now that they finally had the opportunity to take revenge, they naturally volunteered to face the golden armored giant. The three of them fought together against the golden giant.

All four of them were extremely talented. The fight almost destroyed the entire square. The walls that surrounded the square were instantly destroyed due to the fight.

Fortunately, Di Fuyi had released all the Gu family members who were tied to the iron pillars before the fight began. Di Fuyi and The Lord had brought quite a lot of people to the square. These people immediately evacuated the ordinary citizens to a safe area towards the outer circle to watch the fight.

The Lord was probably afraid that the innocent people around would be hurt and so he set up wizard barrier around the inner circle. Therefore, regardless of how intense the fight was, they would not be able to hurt the innocent people that were on the outer circle.

Di Fuyi also escorted the Gu family members to safety. He leaned against a pillar and watched the fight. He secretly observed the tricks of the golden giant.

It was rare to meet a so-called master from the upper bound, so he must observe clearly for future reference.

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