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The fake Celestial Master Zuo's visage was as pale as ash; he had never thought that the consummate plan that he had carefully schemed would fall so easily under his opponents' control. Whatever vantage he had possessed had already been lost!

His eyes glimmered with a turning light. He made a sudden gesture to the people behind. He still had a group of loyal myrmidons covering his back behind him. In a flash, they lunged toward the convicts on the steel pole!

Those convicts each had a time bomb on their bodies; just a single jerk on the wires coiled around them would set off the detonation. If an explosion of more than a hundred people were set off simultaneously, the impact would be devastating enough to reduce the entire area to a barren field, rendering it into nothing more than a communal grave.

At the same moment that the stalwarts surged to their deaths, the ground that Counterfeit Celestial Master Zuo stood on softened before rupturing and swallowing his whole body! This was according to his plan as well; it was his final ace in the hole.

His maneuver was completely out of left field; even the most loyal of his stalwarts by his side did not expect that he had this trick under his sleeve. Just when he was about to descend into the chasm, however, a shadow swooped past him and a silvery white rope coiled around his waist

His body that was just falling a moment ago was heaved up again; he staggered a few steps before pitching forward. At the same time, as a couple of his vital acupoints were still paralyzed, he was unable to straighten himself before his collapse, thereby falling flat on his face and even losing his mask in the process.

Embarra.s.sed, he raised his head and saw Di Fuyi withdrawing the silvery white rope into his sleeve. It was evident that it was Di Fuyi who pulled him back and thwarted his escape in that flash of time.

The stalwarts who lunged at the convicts failed in their task as well; they were all halted by the group that Di Fuyi brought with him and were now plunged into combat!

Di Fuyi sneered coldly, "Wanting to leave just before the show is getting started? Do you think it'll be that easy?!"

Counterfeit Celestial Master Zuo was speechless.

He had brought a great number of people with him this time; he had servants and infantry troops and stalwarts.

Those stalwarts were willing to guard him to the death because their fates were intertwined together with this counterfeit through thick and thin. Therefore, even though they knew he was a fraud, they had no other choice but to protect him; as half of the evil doings that counterfeit Celestial Master Zuo had committed were of their doing, it was already too late for them to pull back.

As for the other servants and troops, as they believed him to be the bona fide Celestial Master Zuo and were also avaricious, they had blindly complied to his commands and had taken part in his atrocities. In this situation, they were thereby bewildered and were cast into delirium.

There were still those among them who were influenced by the commands of the fake Celestial Master Zuo and wanted to advance to attack Di Fuyi. Gu Canmo shouted at them, "Are you all idiots? That person doesn't care about your lives at all and wants to blow everyone here up while he runs away safely! Are you risking your souls for a person like him?"

Upon hearing this, that motley group went into retreat!

The only ones left still in vicious combat were the stalwarts. Although their spiritual power was high, it was only due to the effects of drugs, which failed to compensate for their lack of combative experience. They were thereby no match for Tianju Hall and the group that Di Fuyi brought from forbidden lands; their flaws were easily exposed once they entered the battlefield

In less than a moment, the stalwarts were one by one captured and put in ropes.

At this point, the fake Celestial Master Zuo's plans had been completely crushed. He had been utterly defeated and had run out of tricks up his sleeve.

Di Fuyi advanced one step toward him. Just as he was about to do something to this counterfeit...

"Wah!" The child that was just bound up cried again.

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