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Many had lost their families because of him. They did not dare to speak nor do the things that they loved doing. As a result, they suffered from living such a torturous life. Most of them hated him a lot, but they were utterly helpless. However, they finally saw a glimmer hope now that the real Celestial Master Zuo had appeared. How could they give up so easily?

Whoever who dared to enter the square to watch the execution were generally strong! Right now, their blood was boiling, and they would give anything to kill the imposter!

"You want us to submit to an imposter like you? It is impossible! A fake will always be a fake. There is no way for an imposter to become the real person! You don't even qualify to be the maidservant of Celestial Master Zuo!"

"Listen to me, everyone! This man is someone who goes against his promise, and he never takes us seriously. It would be dumb for us to swear our allegiance to him and serve as his followers!"

"Right! Right! Worse comes to worst, we will die here today! Death is nothing to be feared! Celestial Master Zuo, don't worry about us. We came well prepared! Our only hope is that you can seek justice for us and save the citizens."

The crowd's spirit was lifted, and they began to cheer.

The fake Celestial Master Zuo's face turned pale. He suddenly laughed aloud as he looked at Di Fuyi. "Di Fuyi, I didn't know you're so famous. Look! They love you so much to the extent that they are willing to sacrifice themselves for you. Aren't you supposed to do something for them in return?"

Di Fuyi smiled leisurely. "What should I do?"

The fake Celestial Master spoke slowly, word by word, "Kowtow to me three times, and I'll let them go!"

His eyes looked like a poisonous snake as he glanced across the crowd that was below the stage. "All I am asking is that you kowtow to me three times. Don't tell me that you can't even do such a small thing for the very people who respect you so much?"

"Celestial Master Zuo, don't listen to him!"

"Celestial Master Zuo, we're not afraid to die! Don't be fooled by him!"


The crowd had already spoken their mind before Di Fuyi uttered a single word. The sound of their anger was almost powerful enough to break the walls.

Di Fuyi slowly raised his sleeve, and the crowd finally seized shouting. Countless pairs of eyes looked towards him.

He then looked at the fake Celestial Master Zuo. "Is that all?"

The fake Celestial Master Zuo paused as he thought that Di Fuyi had made up his mind. He proudly added as he secretly cursed Di Fuyi in his heart, "This is my first condition. I'll only tell you the rest once you have completed it."

Di Fuyi casually added, "I knew that you would trick me. How is it possible that a devil like you would be willing to let me go since you already used so many innocent citizens as your chips? You want to insult me. Not to mention about kowtowing to you three times, I'm sure you'll never let them go even if I destroyed all my Kung Fu! If that happens, even the imperial officers would not be able to leave safely, let alone the normal citizens! You want all of them dead because every one of them knows your true colors!"

What Di Fuyi said was the same dirty plan that the fake Celestial Master Zuo had in mind. Hence, all the citizens secretly nodded in agreement.

Initially, some of the imperial officers were still wishing that the fake Celestial Master Zuo would keep his promise. However, they immediately understood the inevitable situation as soon as Di Fuyi had pointed out the truth.

This brat was capable of killing 100,000 workers. Why would he flinch about killing a few thousand more?

Somehow, if there was any hope left to escape from this situation, it would be with the real Di Fuyi! They could only hope to turn the situation around by freeing him from any form of restriction even if all of them had to die!

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