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Lan Yue laughed. "How can I allow you to humiliate my people? And, worst of all, how can you ask her to stay if you can't even treat her well?"

Yan Chen was surprised for a moment. "What do you mean?"

Lan Yue smiled mysteriously but did not answer. The finger in his sleeve suddenly released a strange spell. There was a ripple in the air, and Lan Yue stepped into the ripple together with Little Fox. In a flash, both of them had suddenly disappeared into thin air.


The mountain felt chilly after the rain. There was a campfire outside a cave.

Little Fox was holding her arms and was sitting around the campfire. Her face and lips were pale, but her eyes were red. Her acupuncture points had been unsealed, and so she took this opportunity to question him as she was dying to find some answers, "Are you, my brother?"

His family name was Lan, and he had a similar fox face mark on his body. It was possible that he was her long-lost brother.

Though she questioned his ident.i.ty, she was quite confident about her speculation. Otherwise, she would not have left with him that easily.

Lan Yue handed her a blue dress. "Change into this first. I will tell you after you have changed."

Little Fox's body was still wet, so she needed the dress. She immediately went into the cave and changed out of her wet clothes.

She came out after a while and sat beside the campfire again. "You can tell me now. Are you my long lost brother? Was it our father who asked you to come and look for me? Is our father a descendant of the Blue Fox family?"

Lan Yue corrected her. "Indeed, it was your father who asked me to come and look for you. However, I am sorry that I am not your brother. We do not have any blood relationship."

Lan Waihu was a bit disappointed. "But... your family name is also Lan, and you have the same birthmark as me."

Lan Yue smiled. "It seems like you do not understand much about the Blue Fox family. Everyone in our family has the same surname. As for the birthmark, it is not a birthmark, but a mark of engagement between a man and a woman."

Lan Waihu's face turned pale. "Engage… Engagement?!" She suddenly jumped up. "You fooled me again! I grew up in Yanzi Town. I had never met you before you came to the Tianju a.s.sociation. When was I ever engaged with you? This birthmark has been with me ever since I could remember. However, I didn't know you at all during that time."

Lan Yue laughed. "It's probably because our engagement was set before we were even born! Strictly speaking, it was pre-arranged by our parents! Your father had appointed you to be my wife even when you were still inside your mother's stomach."

Lan Waihu was stunned, and she took two steps backward. "I do not believe you!"

Lan Yue looked at her shocked face and said, "Do you feel like you had just been struck by lightning?"

Lan Waihu bit her lips and did not speak. This news was more shocking than just being struck by lightning!

Lan Yue looked at her. "Don't look at me this way. When I knew about it, I also felt like I was struck by lightning. I am a famous and talented handsome young man. There are so many pretty ladies in the Blue Fox family who want to marry me. I thought that there would be a dramatic love story waiting for me. My beloved girl must be in excellent shape, brainy and extremely elegant.

How could I be set to marry a girl even before I was born? I was so sad and disappointed for a month after I received this piece of news."

Lan Waihu was speechless. She still did not believe it. Lan Yue stared at her. "Do you know who your father is?"

Lan Waihu shook her head. Lan Yue gently smiled. "Your dad was the greatest man in the Blue Fox family. He was the national master of the Blue Fox family."

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