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"Liar! You can continue to pretend and act!" Little Fox broke out. "Fake people are the most disgusting kind in this world. Don't try to act as though you are a victim."

She was unable to finish her sentence as Yan Chen had waved his sleeve and directly sealed her acupuncture point. He then waved his sleeve again, and Lan Waihu fell directly into the cold lake. While she was falling, she heard Yan Chen saying coldly, "Lan Waihu, I have spoiled you too much! You should cool yourself down in the lake."

The acupuncture points in Lan Waihu's entire body were sealed. She could only soak in the lake and could not speak. She watched the scene where Yan Chen carried his mother up onto a soft couch. After that, Leng Wushuang, who was injured, was also carried onto a spring couch, and they left together.

The crowd slowly dispersed, and Yan Chen never bothered to turn back to look at her. Meanwhile, Yan Chen's mother, who was sitting on the soft couch, and Leng Wushuang, who sat on the spring couch, looked back and glanced at her. They both looked proud that their plan had worked.

In just a short while, there was no longer anyone on the sh.o.r.e. The entire area had returned to its original state.

Though the acupuncture points of Little Fox were sealed, she was born with the ability not to sink underwater. At the moment, her shoulder and head were still floating on the surface of the lake. Currently, Little Fox's heart was as cold as the water in the lake. She did not say anything but started to cry.

She did not know how long she was left crying inside the lake. It might have been very long or just a few minutes. Suddenly, a green robe appeared in front of her. The edge of the robe almost brushed her face.

She opened her teary eyes to look up and saw the handsome Lan Yue. He looked down at her and only asked her one sentence. "Do you want to leave with me?"

Little Fox did not speak and quietly looked at him. His intention concerned her.

Lan Yue sighed. "Are you afraid that I would defraud you?"

Little Fox became even more cautious.

Lan Yue slowly loosened his robe.

Little Fox quickly closed her eyes and secretly cursed him in her heart

"Lan Waihu, look at me."

Little Fox closed her eyes tightly as if she was afraid of seeing something that she should not have seen.

Lan Yue seemed to be aware of something. He could not help but scoff loudly. "Stupid! Do you think I will allow you to see my private part? You have overthought! Look at the side of my waist, and then you will understand who I am."

Little Fox was curious, so she opened her eyes. She saw his thin waist and realized that there was something which resembled a tattoo or birthmark on his skin. It looked like a fox's face, which was quite similar to the one that Little Fox had on her arm. However, Lan Yue's mark looked more valiant, and there was even a small crown on the fox's face.

Little Fox opened her eyes widely. Lan Yue then asked, "Do you want to leave with me now? I will explain everything though it may turn out to be a surprise for you."

Little Fox finally nodded. Lan Yue extended his sleeve and pulled Little Fox out from the lake into his arm.

Though her body and hair were all wet, Lan Yue did not mind. He carried her in his arm and turned to walk away from the lake

"Put her down!" A clear voice came from the sh.o.r.e. Yan Chen had returned, and when he saw the scene, his face was ashen. He glared at Lan Yue, who was standing in the lake.

Lan Yue turned and smiled while he held Little Fox in his arms. "You're too late!" He asked Little Fox, "Do you want to stay or leave with me?"

Little Fox closed her eyes and leaned her head on Lan Yue's shoulder. She answered with three words. "Leave with you."

Lan Yue stared at Yan Chen and smiled. "Did you hear her?"

Yan Chen looked pale. He stepped into the water and approached them. "Little Fox, this guy is a dishonest person. You can't go with him! Lan Yue, put her down. Otherwise, I will disregard our friendship and harm you!"

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