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Lan Waihu's mother was not married yet when she gave birth to her. As her surname was 'Lan' and she was named as Waihu, Yan Chen's parents had a little bit of hope that Lan Waihu's father was a descendant of the Blue Fox family. Lan Waihu would have the pure family lineage of the Blue Fox family if that were the case. Therefore, they decided to adopt Lan Waihu. However, observing her for several years, they discovered that she did not have any relationship with the Blue Fox family and so they gave up on their wishful thinking.

After that, they sent Lan Waihu to the Tianju a.s.sociation. The main reason was that Lan Waihu had talent, and they wanted to find a good subordinate for their son. They figured that Lan Waihu would protect Yan Chen and help him out as much as possible since they had treated her quite well. However, they never expected Yan Chen to fall in love with Lan Waihu.

Their son was a rare talent and was very capable. They were very proud of their son and felt that their son would have been fit to marry a fairy. Therefore, they did not merely make any marriage arrangements for him. They did not even care about the promise that they had jokingly made with Leng Wushuang. After all, Leng Wushuang only had a little lineage with the Blue Fox family. She was not that capable, and her spiritual power was only level five.

They had high expectations of their son and prayed that he would be able to find a fantastic woman who possessed a high level of spiritual power and came from a good family background. They never expected that Yan Chen would get together with Lan Waihu! When Yan Chen arrived home, he was worried that his parents would not agree to this marriage arrangement and so he had a private talk with them. He made it clear that he would not marry any other woman except for Lan Waihu. If his parents could not accept it, he would leave the Yan family behind and bring Lan Waihu with him to form a new family.

After his private conversation with them, Yan Chen's parent did not dare to oppose his marriage arrangement and persuaded their son to stay. However, they shifted their attention to Lan Waihu.

That was the reason why this incident had happened! Yan Chen's mother wanted to force Lan Waihu to leave Yan Chen all on his own.

Poor Lan Waihu still thought that she had not proven herself well enough. She had been trying very hard to compromise with everything that was happening so that she would be able to get Yan Chen's mother's favor. It was an impossible task.

The dreams of Little Fox were fragmented. Most of the time she dreamt that Yan Chen's mother was scolding her. It made Gu Xijiu, who watched the dream as an outsider, very angry!

Little Fox was very innocent, but the same could not be said for Gu Xijiu! By only watching a few fragments of Lan Waihu's dreams, she could already guess the intention of Yan Chen's mother.

On her way to her room, Gu Xijiu reflected about what she had seen happened to Little Fox. She felt like she wanted to wake Little Fox up and give her a big hug.

During the days that Little Fox was being bullied, Gu Xijiu was still trapped in the core array.

She would have known what was going with Little Fox if she had not been trapped. If that were the case, she would have been able to provide her with a few ideas to help her counter this problem, and everything would not have developed until this stage.

What happened next to Lan Waihu? What made her so determined to cut off her relationship with Yan Chen and get engaged with Lan Yue instead?

Gu Xijiu patiently continued watching.

Leng Wushuang appeared more often in the later fragments of Lan Waihu's memory.

Yan Chen's mother probably thought that Leng Wushaung, who possessed the Blue Fox family lineage, was much n.o.bler than Lan Waihu, so she started planning for Leng Wushuang to become their daughter-in-law.

Yan Chen's mother was indeed an expert in in-house fighting. She was good at setting up traps to achieve her objectives.

She started inviting Leng Wushuang to her house more frequently to aggravate Lan Waihu. Leng Wushuang liked Yan Chen a lot so she would never refuse to come over to their house.

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