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After a moment, the two students started rubbing their eyes. One of the students groaned. "Xiaohao, where did you find the wormwood? It has gotten so smoky that my eyes can't seem to stay open!"

"The wormwood may have been too wet, which was the reason why it produced so much smoke." The other student rubbed his eyes and speculated.

The two of them were being smoked to the extent that they were unable to open their eyes and tears started trickling down their face.

When they were rubbing their eyes, the shadow that was hiding in the dark flashed pa.s.s them like lightning and entered the cave.

It had done so without alerting the two students.

The person was wearing a black mask, and only his pair of eyes could be seen. Once the person had entered the cave, he immediately headed towards the place where the soul stones were placed. He stared at the soul stones.

Three hours had pa.s.sed since the test began and all the soul stones had changed in color. Each one of them had changed into a different color, and they were still changing.

'The stones could change color!'

'Gu Xijiu was not lying! It seemed that the color which represented him would change into the same color of the Tianmo Jade after some time.

He quickly found the stone that represented him. He looked at the name on it and his finger emitted a ray of light to wipe off the name on the stone.

Next, he started writing down another name. He was imitating someone else's writing. After he finished writing, he looked at the name and smiled.

"You seem quite happy." A voice sounded from not far away. It was a clear voice with a tinge of laughter. "I am happy too." The voice belonged to Gu Xijiu.

The person was stunned for two seconds. However, he quickly regained his composure and instantly reacted. He quickly ran towards the exit without looking at Gu Xijiu. Just as he was about to reach the exit, he b.u.mped into another person.

"Do you think you can escape while I am here?" The person sounded cold but elegant. It was Di Fuyi.

Next, he waved his sleeve on the black-clothed person's face. The mask on his face fell off, and his original appearance was exposed.

Somewhere deep in the dark, Gu Canmo's angry voice was heard. "Hong Tianxin, it's you!"

The black-clothed man looked pale. He stared at the three people who had appeared from out from nowhere. "You… You all…" He tried to quibble, "I was just curious and decided to take a look. I am not the traitor."

Gu Canmo slapped him and scolded angrily. "Don't try to quibble! I saw you change the name on your stone! If we hadn't shouted at you, you would have discovered the scapegoat's stone and changed it to your name!"

Hong Tianxin remained silent.

Gu Canmo held the two engraved stones in his hands. He looked at them and felt even angrier. "The unfortunate person is, in fact, your best friend, Le Feng Yan!"

Hong Tianxin had nothing else to say since he had been caught red-handed.

He looked very pale and moved several steps backward. It was impossible for him to escape with the three of them here.

He made up his mind, closed his eyes and clenched his jaws together!

Unexpectedly, things did not turn out as he wished and instead of biting onto the pill he had hidden in his mouth, he felt himself biting on a jade that had appeared from out of nowhere. It felt hard and cold to the extent that his two front teeth almost broke!

He opened his eyes and saw the strict and calm face of his discipline elder. "Do you think that we were going to allow you to commit suicide? No way!"

The discipline elder used his two fingers and shoved at the two back teeth of Hong Tianxin. A white bean which was the shape of a pill rolled out from his mouth and fell onto the palm of discipline elder.

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