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Gu Canmo looked at the crowd and asked, "Who owns this girdle ornament?"

Everyone looked at each other, but no one answered.

Gu Canmo looked very angry. "If this was mistakenly brought in by any one of you, you need to tell who is the sender. If you don't admit it, then we would a.s.sume that you were doing it deliberately and you are a traitor to enter into Tianju Hall! Once you are caught, the consequences will be… I believe you all should know it very well! Let me ask again, who owns this girdle ornament which has clouds on it?!"

The 200 over people under the big tree were all silent. It was very quiet that one could even hear if a pin dropped on the ground. However, there was still no one who stood out to admit it.

Gu Canmo's eyes looked pa.s.sed their faces one by one. Every one of them looked shocked.

The elders from discipline departments had very sharp eyes because they had been handling this kind of cases very frequently. Once anyone acted unnaturally, they would be able to identify them quickly. However, despite focused observations, they could not identify anyone, and no one could recognize this pattern.

It seemed like it was not the student being manipulated by someone to bring in the jade, but indeed there was a traitor in Tianju Hall. This traitor made the Tianmo Jade outside of Tianju Hall and wore it to enter into Tianju Hall. Then, he or she secretly hid the jade under a tile in the practice field. Everything was done undercover.

Even if the jade were found out by the cleaner, it would not cause any alarm to the students as it looked the same as the one everyone wore. Who was the traitor? Everyone started having nightmares two months ago, so this Tianmo Jade was probably brought in two months ago too.

Gu Canmo immediately commanded the student who was in charge of the gate of Tianju Hall to take out the gate activity records over the recent two months.

After the investigation, Gu Canmo was not happy with the result.

There were a lot of students who went in and out during that period. It was about one-third of the students who had entered in and out of Tianju Hall; there were even some students who went out once every three to five days.

After they sorted out the result, there were 80 people on the name list.

If the traitor went out, he or she would not go out with a partner. Even if he or she went out with a partner, he or she would need solitary time to do such a thing secretly.

Thus, the discipline elder immediately commanded the students to filter out those who went out alone or were alone during midway of the trip if they went out in a group.

An hour later, the result was out. During that time of period, there were a total of 22 students who either went out alone or were alone when they went out in a group. This also included those female and male students who went out together but stayed in a separate room overnight. 

Among these 22 persons, there were four elders, three teachers and the rests were all students like Qian Lingyu and the gang.

In other words, these 22 persons were the biggest suspects, and one of them was the traitor.

However, it was not an easy task to find out the traitor from a list of 22 people. With the ability of the discipline elders, if they could inquire them one by one they would be able to figure out who the traitor was, but it would take at least five to six days to complete the investigation.

Since the news about the return of Di Fuyi and Gu Xijiu was not made known to the public yet, the fake Celestial Master Zuo was still not aware of it. Now when Di Fuyi showed up in this village, the traitor would seize the opportunity to report to his or her accomplices.

Therefore, they had to identify and expose the traitor quickly. It would be best if they could find him or her in one to two days. The faster they found out who the traitor was the lower the risk to them.

If they did not want the news to be leaked out, the only thing they could do now was to quarantine the 22 persons at one place and only release them once the traitor was found.

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