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Even if Long Siye was wrong, there was nothing else Gu Xijiu could do at this moment. She could not risk sacrificing her life to destroy the clone. It was not worth it. Furthermore, even if they managed to destroy the clone, Long Fan could always make another one, unless they killed him as well.

Long Fan's spiritual power had reached level ten now. It would be an uphill battle for them if they were to take him on. Moreover, they were standing on his territory. A fight would not bring them any good.

Gu Xijiu did not wish to stay any longer. "Let's go, we should leave as soon as possible!"

When Gu Xijiu and Long Siye exited the building, the four guards were still standing idly and were unaware of their departure. Long Siye casually sprinkled some powder on them earlier which made them lose their consciousness. Although they would recover sooner or later, they would not recall what happened.

Both of them only spent ten minutes in that area, and their intrusion was carried out in complete secrecy.

Long Fan was at ease as the territory was his secret base camp. Only special vehicles could enter or exit the place. The people present here were the elites that he had recruited throughout the years, so all of them were loyal to him. Although Gu Xijiu remained a variable, her loss of memory would prevent her from making any interferences to his plans. At most, she would only go around the place for fun. Furthermore, there were so many surveillance cameras around the palace; there was no room for any tricks.

Upon Mo Zhao's departure, Long Fan only reminded the guards and their leaders to be more alert while he was away. There was a significant obstacle that he had to solve in the cloning process. If he managed to find a breakthrough, he could advance the quality of the clone that he created for the Great Lord; perhaps its spiritual level could be upgraded to level ten.

When the Great Lord was finally mighty enough, Long Fan would be able to do whatever he wanted without any restrictions. He was very focused on his work, to the extent that he had forgotten entirely to sleep or eat. He was not even bothered by the presence of Gu Xijiu anymore.

Luckily for him, the girl was obedient. She only came for a while without interrupting him and left to explore other pastures. Hence, he could continue his research without any distractions. After about an hour after Long Siye had poisoned the clone, Long Fan discovered an inconsistency and decided to check the clone in the gla.s.s coffin. Therefore, he proceeded to the internal surveillance room.

There was a secret chamber that only he and the Great Lord knew about. The secret room gave him access to the Great Lord's cloned body. Long Fan's work on the Great Lord's clone was strictly confidential; even his closest follower was unaware of the matter. Therefore, the surveillance room remained undisclosed. 

He looked into the surveillance images and did not notice any unusual activities. By then, Gu Xijiu and Long Siye were already long gone. As they did not damage anything in the room, nothing looked abnormal. Long Fan checked on the data that he wished to obtain and realized that the clone was somehow a bit odd. Its expression seemed odd.

As the clone was still not ready, the images shown on the cameras that were installed to survey its body were still a little unclear. Long Fan could not make up his mind for a moment whether to go and check the body or leave it be. After a while, he decided to go and check on the clone himself.

By the time he was close to the pyramid, he could tell that something was not right.

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