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Her actions were very fast to prevent the two guards from noticing it. Her eyes fell on a blind spot in their surveillance. She had stayed in the underground palace for four days now, so she was very familiar with every corner of it. The cameras were monitoring almost every single area in the palace except for one place.

While she was wandering around the underground palace, she noticed a strange building near the center of the palace. It looked like a pyramid with a purple crystal on its roof.

Gu Xijiu had little knowledge regarding energetics, but she could roughly guess that the shape of the pyramid could gather energy while the crystal served as a storage s.p.a.ce for the energy. Since this building was at the center of the palace, it should be the primary power source for the entire land.

Pyramids had been typically used to bury Pharaohs, so what was inside this particular one? This was the only area that was not being monitored by the control room. The secret that was hidden inside was confidential to even Mo Zhao's subordinates. What could it be?

Gu Xijiu recalled the time that she had pa.s.sed through Mo Zhao's body. He was just a spirit even though he had a human form. Rong Che's body that he once possessed had exploded.

She recalled the conversation between Long Siye and Mo Zhao. Mo Zhao had mentioned that he would be able to get married after ten days. Of course, a spirit would not be able to get married. He would be only able to do so with a physical body.

Hence, Gu Xijiu started to make a bold a.s.sumption in her mind… Was Mo Zhao's clone body inside the pyramid?

She had a deep thought in her mind. Mo Zhao was very ambitious. He was so powerful even though he did not possess a physical body. Would he become even more dangerous once he possessed a physical body that could sync with his spiritual power?

If that were the case, she would have to try and destroy it! She performed a teleportation and arrived back at the place where she had agreed to meet up with Long Siye. When she arrived, she found that Long Siye had prepared everything.

He had killed two people from the underground palace and had stolen their clothes… When she arrived, the two men that were lying there were not breathing anymore.

Gu Xijiu recognized the two men. She had even chatted with them before. They were considered the master of masters in the underground palace. They had reached a spiritual power of level seven and were very loyal to Mo Zhao.

Mo Zhao had a.s.signed both of them as temporary leaders of the palace while he brought the rest of them out with him to kill Di Fuyi.

Gu Xijiu did not expect Long Siye to kill these two men, so she was not as suspicious as before.

She could not help but ask, "Why did you kill them? I thought you would find two normal guards…"

"The two of them are in-charge of the guards in this underground palace. I killed them so that if any chaos should happen in the palace, the people will have no leader to lead them and we will be able to escape more easily. Most importantly, one of them is almost the same size as you."

Gu Xijiu was relieved. After all, Long Siye used to be the instructor of an a.s.sa.s.sin camp. He was cautious and was able to consider his options from all different aspects.

Undoubtedly it was rea.s.suring to have such a partner, provided he did not betray her later… Gu Xijiu tried to stop herself from thinking about it so that she could focus on the task at hand. She was very good at disguising while Long Siye had all the materials she needed. In just a few minutes, the two of them had disguised themselves as the leaders of the guards.

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