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Thick smoky clouds surrounded the entire mountain due to the frequent eruptions of the volcano. People who got close would find it difficult to breathe and would be choked by the clouds of smoke surrounding the area. 

Di Fuyi immediately landed in the valley which was engulfed by the clouds of smoke. The smoke was thicker than fog, and so he could not see anything.

Di Fuyi was wearing a light grey robe with a few dark cloud embroideries. It was a unique costume designed for the leader of the secret agency. There was only one of its kind in the entire world, and the robe was resistant to water and fire as it was made from an extraordinary material which could not be copied by any other cloth. All the secret agents would definitely recognize the robe. Hence, a secret agent came forward and knelt in front of him as soon as he had landed.

The secret agent had stumbled upon a female corpse somewhere near to the spot where Long Siye had landed. Di Fuyi did not speak and immediately got the agent to show him the way.

The female corpse had been abandoned in a cave. Di Fuyi could recognize that it was Ye Hongfeng's corpse! The place had a high temperature, and the body looked dehydrated and dry.

Even though the corpse had been severely disfigured, Di Fuyi managed to recognize it as he was able to identify people based on their bones. Ye Hongfeng and Gu Xijiu had very similar features. Hence, their bone structures should be almost the same as well.

His heart felt as though it had sunk into a sea of ice water as he recalled that Gu Xijiu and Ye Hongfeng's souls had been swapped. Ye Hongfeng had been resurrected in Gu Xijiu's body while her own body had been abandoned here like rubbish.

What happened to Gu Xijiu's soul?! He could not wait any longer and immediately started investigating the corpse.

The secret agent was stunned as his leader was always unpredictable. The undercover agent knew that his leader was obsessed with cleanliness, and usually did not touch anyone. This included famous and beautiful people. So why on earth would he touch a corpse?

Di Fuyi knew that the agent would probably be wondering a lot of things right now, but he was too busy to bother about the secret agent as he needed to see whether Gu Xijiu's soul was trapped in the desiccated corpse. There were too many evil strategies being used by his opponents, and so he could not afford to forgo any valuable information he might find.

Apparently, he had been overthinking! Gu Xijiu's soul was not inside the corpse. So where was she?

"Master, should we carry on with the investigation?" The secret agent asked.

"Yes!" Di Fuyi answered with only a word.

Three days was a very short period for most people, and it pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye. However, the past three days had felt more like three years to Di Fuyi.

Over the last three days, none of the secret agents had reported any news. More than ten agents had been searching around the entire volcano, but nothing else was found.

It seemed that Long Siye must have committed suicide by jumping into the boiling lava as not even a small piece of cloth from his robe had been found either.

Di Fuyi desperately wanted to extract information from Ye Hongfeng, and he tried once to control her using his Pupil Manipulation Magic so that she would tell him the truth. However, Ye Hongfeng must have gone through a particular kind of training because she was not affected by the magic spell.

To prevent them from hurting Gu Xijiu, Di Fuyi was unable to do anything else as he was worried about alarming them. Not only had Gu Xijiu's whereabouts become a riddle, but even Long Siye's whereabouts had become a mystery.

Di Fuyi had tried to call both Gu Xijiu and Long Siye's souls twice over the past three days, but there had been no response so far.

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