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Based on Long Siye's att.i.tude, Gu Xijiu knew that it was hopeless to think that he would help to treat Di Fuyi's disorder. Hence, she decided to stay a little longer in the pavilion. After spending some time in the pavilion, she returned to the hotel so that she could check on Di Fuyi's recovery progress as it was about time he finished his training. Surprisingly, Long Siye was standing beside the fence on the second floor.

She was shocked and quickly walked over, "You… You haven't left?" She thought that he had left.

Long Siye answered coldly, "I'll not go against my promise."

"So, shall we begin now? What should I do?" Gu Xijiu immediately felt relieved.

"This is the reason why I'm waiting for you here. I've prepared everything, but there's a herb which I need you to get by yourself."

The Silver Fairy Mountain was a famous mountain which was located in Nan Lu of Tianwen Mountain. It was more famous for its mountain stream than its height. The stream was named as the Silver Fairy Stream, and a Silver Fairy Beast was living in the stream. The beast was extremely ferocious, and it was the legendary level eight beast. Even people who possessed a level nine spiritual power did not attempt to get close to it. Thus, it was not easy to kill and perhaps, one could be severely injured if they were careless.

However, it was a precious creature as every part of its body was useful in some way. Its skin could be made into armor; its horn could be made into a loudspeaker flute which could be used to gather many animals if it was played in a unique rhythm. The blood was a very nutritious supplement. According to legends, the pills that were made from its blood could help to strengthen a human's body and even increased their physical tolerance.

Its muscle was the most valuable part of its body as it helps to rejuvenate one's body. One could recover instantly if they ate its muscle along with certain other herbs... For example, a patient who had fallen sick for a long time could quickly recover after eating its muscle, and a lady whose appearance had been disfigured would also recover after eating it.

What Long Siye needed Gu Xijiu to obtain was its muscle, but there was an insane condition if they wanted to retrieve it. One had to apply the blood of a virgin on the wound of the beast after it was killed to pull out the muscle from the Silver Fairy Beast's body.

Besides that, they had to be brave and careful when they were doing it, and he or she must possess a spiritual power of at least level seven.

Though there were many female disciples under Long Siye, none of them fulfilled both requirements. Thus, he had no choice but to ask Gu Xijiu.

Of course, Gu Xijiu hesitated when Long Siye told her about the plan as she was worried to leave Di Fuyi alone in the hotel. Long Siye seemed to understand her worries and laughed coldly, "He's already 15 years old. Do you seriously think his still as young as a breastfed baby and needs someone here all the time? Anyway, it's up to you, but he would never recover if you refuse to go."

Gu Xijiu realized that she was a little indecisive. However, she was still worried every time she recalled about the demon which managed to escape. She remained silent.

Long Siye frowned, "Gu Xijiu, are you his mother? Since when did you become so indecisive? This is my territory, and there are many disciples from my clan guarding the hotel. I'll not let any accident happens to him as long as he doesn't kill himself. I can send him to Tianwen Mountain if you're still worried. It's probably the safest place, and not even a fly could enter!"

Gu Xijiu agreed with him as he had tried so hard to a.s.sure her of his safety. She went straight to see Di Fuyi but realized that he was still meditating as there was still some purple glow surrounding him.

Gu Xijiu had been with him for quite some time. Hence, she knew that no one should disturb him whenever there was a purple glow surrounding his body.

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