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Ye Hongfeng was stunned and quickly grabbed the innerwear. She felt awkward, "This…" Her face turned red and gradually became pale. She knelt down and started to cry, "Master, I beg you… Don't ask anymore… I… I will not ask you to bear this responsibility. I know you like Miss Gu so I will not tell you any more about it…"

Long Siye remained silent. He had hoped that it was not true, but now…

He felt like he was sinking in icy water and there was only an abyss in front of him. He could not see any light. He silently got out of bed, cleaned himself a bit and walked out of the room.

When he pa.s.sed by Ye Hongfeng, he did not stop or even glance at her.

He knew what was in Ye Hongfeng's mind. However, the only reason why he kept her as his disciple and tried to train her to become a master was due to his guilt feeling that he owed her in his previous life. He had no other feelings for her even if he was the creator of her body or the fact that she looked exactly like Gu Xijiu in his past life… He was unable to change his feelings for her…

Although he could not remember what happened last night, he knew that he was badly drunk to the extent that he could not stand properly. Thus even if he had wanted to make s.e.x with her after he was drunk because he thought that she was Gu Xijiu, Ye Hongfeng would have been able to push him away easily if she was not willing to do it…

After all, she possessed a spiritual power of level five. An ordinary man would not be able to get close to her. Therefore, what happened last night was somewhat consensual between them…

Ye Hongfeng watched his back disappear from the room. She clenched her fist tightly under her sleeve, and there was hatred in her eyes.

Gu Xijiu was uneasy after she went back together with Di Fuyi.

What if Long Siye gave up because she had left? He was their only hope to cure Di Fuyi now!

She tossed and turned all night and could not wait to meet Long Siye in the morning. She had an appointment with Long Siye the very next day to discuss the treatment of Di Fuyi. After waiting for an hour, she still did not see him. He had not even sent anyone to inform her.

Gu Xijiu felt depressed. Long Xi had been incredibly trustworthy in his past life. Once he had promised to help, he would help until the very end even if he felt offended, but now he had broken his promise…

It seemed like he was going to give up on healing Di Fuyi!

However, she was not about to give up and decided to go to Tianwen clan to see if she could change his mind. However, she was stopped by Di Fuyi. He told her that there was a show he wanted her to watch and immediately dragged her into his room.

Gu Xijiu did not understand his intentions until Di Fuyi took out the jade that he used to contact his custodians and switched on the jade. A screen appeared on top of the jade, and Gu Xijiu started to watch the show…

It was a sleepless night in the Feixing Kingdom.

It was already dawn in the next morning when Rong Che brought Hei Hu back to the capital. During this period, he had also received a report from his man that the murder of Rong Chu had been successful. Rong Chu's party was angry about it.

Rong Chu was surrounded by numerous masters in martial arts. The murderer was the master of the a.s.sa.s.sins and knew a type of invisible skill. However, he exposed himself when he tried to murder Rong Chu and was instantly killed by Rong Chu's guardians.

Someone recognized that the a.s.sa.s.sin was one of the shadow guardians working under Crown Prince Rong Jialuo. Therefore, everyone suspected that Rong Jialuo was the murderer. Rong Chu's party even went to the palace to express their anger to Emperor Xuan hoping that the emperor would help to seek justice for Rong Chu and punish the murderer.

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