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Long Siye had trouble standing up and was forced to lean half of his body onto Ye Hongfeng as support. Fortunately, Ye Hongfeng had been training for almost one year now, and so she had a good foundation and was still able to support his weight. However, even though she was able to support him, she had trouble getting the both of them to walk properly at the same time…

The last image Long Siye could remember was the swinging red lantern in front of the shop.

When Long Siye woke up and opened his eyes, he found himself in a rather refined and elegant bedroom, but it was only him in the room. The first thing he felt was a severe headache due to a hangover. He rubbed his eyebrow fiercely as he sat up. He could vaguely recall last night's events. He was in a bad mood, and Ye Hongfeng had accompanied him all night. Apparently, she was the one who brought him here.

He was drunk. It was the first time he had gotten drunk so severely.

He knocked his head and was about to get up from the bed. However, he was stunned when he opened the quilt! There was a blood stain on the mattress!

This was not the worse part of it. The worse thing was… there was a light silver colored lingerie underneath the blanket… He was stunned by the sight of the bloodstain and the lingerie. His fingers felt stiff.

After a moment, he slowly got hold of the innerwear and smelled it. His face became even paler. There was a plum blossom fragrance emitting from it. The innerwear belonged to Ye Hongfeng.

Long Siye had always been a fan of plum blossom as he liked the scent a lot. In his mind, he thought that every girl had to look as n.o.ble as a plum blossom. Their body scent had to smell like a plum blossom too. In his past life, he had developed a plum blossom scent perfume and had given it to Gu Xijiu. Gu Xijiu was happy with the perfume, but unfortunately, she was allergic to it…

Gu Xijiu was sad and spoke about how good it would be if she were born with this kind of fragrance on her body so that she did not need to use any perfume anymore. Therefore, Long Siye had added some plum blossom element when he was creating the cloned body in this world, so that it would emit a plum blossom scent. Unfortunately, Gu Xijiu did not have the chance of using the body as her host and this benefited Ye Hongfeng instead.

Now, Ye Hongfeng's lingerie was here, and there was a blood stain on the mattress… Everything here pointed to only one conclusion. He had s.e.x with Ye Hongfeng last night after he was drunk!

He had drank too much last night and had no memory of the incidents which took place after he was drunk. He could not recall any details in particular.

He was startled for a long while. He then used his trembling fingers to check that part of his body and found that there was also blood on it…

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes slightly.

There was a sound coming from outside the room. Though the sound was very soft, he could still hear it, "Ye Hongfeng? Come in."

The door opened, slowly and Ye Hongfeng walked in with her head faced down. The way she was walking was strange. It was as if she was limping, "Master…"

"What happened last night?" Long Siye sounded cold.

Ye Hongfeng looked up quickly and glanced at him, then quickly looked down again, "Nothing… Nothing happened. Master was drunk, and so I sent you back to this room to rest… Then…"

"Then what?"

"Then… Then master went to sleep…"

"How about you?"

"I… I… I went to the next room to sleep…"

Long Siye stared at her for a moment. He then raised his hand and threw the lingerie in her face. At the same time, he asked coldly, "What is this? Why was this on my bed?"

Ye Hongfeng was stunned and quickly grabbed the lingerie. She felt awkward, "This…"

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