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Di Fuyi sighed, "Of course I didn't do it intentionally. Look at my body; I can't take any advantage of you even if I wanted to…"

Although he was thick-skinned, he looked like he enjoyed it. In fact, he had a phobia and did not want to be intimate with her while he still had a kid's body. It was suffering for him especially during the time he had stayed by her side using Ying Yannuo's ident.i.ty as he was able to see her every day but could not be close to her…

Gu Xijiu frowned as she wondered whether he had taken enough advantage of her since he became small? She then looked at him, "Then why did you hide this fact from me? Don't you trust me? You should know that my mouth is tighter than anyone else's."

Di Fuyi remained silent for a moment and answered, "I'm shy."

Gu Xijiu opened her eyes widely and repeated, "You're shy?" How is it possible for Di Fuyi to feel shy when his skin was thicker than the wall of a s.p.a.ceship! Gu Xijiu felt the explanation was fake!

Di Fuyi lowered his eyelids, "Xijiu, I didn't want you to see my kiddy appearance. In fact, it hurts me; I'm a man." No man would want his lover to see him wearing pants with a hole at the bottom. To him, transforming into such a small kid felt as though he was wearing bottomless pants!

Gu Xijiu pondered for a while before she showed signs that she understood. However, she was still upset that he had hidden it from her. When she was about to say something, Di Fuyi continued, "Also, I didn't expect that the effect would last so long, and I thought that I would be able to return to my original appearance after one or two months, but…"

Gu Xijiu was speechless. She paused for a second and continued, "I understand your behavior earlier, but I feel that you should have told me as I consider myself your fiance since we've been engaged. I would have helped you without disclosing to anyone if you had secretly told me about it. However, you chose to hide the truth from me. Do you know I was so worried about you… there was no news about you at all, and I couldn't even find your messengers. I couldn't find anyone to help me…" She sounded like she was going to cry as she continued speaking.

Di Fuyi was surprised, "You were worried about me?" He had not realized it even though he had been around her for half a year! She hardly mentioned about Celestial Master Zuo and never mentioned about the engagement between her and Celestial Master Zuo as though she has forgotten about him... Otherwise, he would have told her a long time ago!

Gu Xijiu knew he did not believe her, "You don't believe me?"

Di Fuyi twitched his lips and said, "You never talk about me… and you were usually busy having fun with your friends… I didn't see you trying to look for me as well…"

Was he jealous? She could not believe that such a mighty person would be jealous of an average human. However, Gu Xijiu felt warmth in her heart even though she was supposed to be angry. There were plenty of love bubbles in her heart at the moment.

She then waved her hand to call for him, "Come over, and I'll tell you."

Di Fuyi did not know what a courtesy was. Hence, he immediately walked over and even climbed up onto her bed. He opened her blanket and then squeezed into her bed. He then looked at her as he lied down beside her, supporting his head with one of his arms, "What do you want to tell me?"

Since his ident.i.ty had been exposed, he did not have to pretend to be a little bunny anymore. Therefore, every movement he made now was exactly like the old Di Fuyi.

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