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If she were not able to lure both of beasts towards the little girl but instead accidentally attracted them back towards herself, then it would be a disaster!

Her golden armored giant was relieved. It looked at Gu Xijiu who was in the midst of fighting, "Queen, this little girl is pretty good. What type of martial art is she using?"

The young lady was suddenly angry, "What is so good about a lower cla.s.s person who possessed less than level eight spiritual power? Is she worth your compliment?" The golden armored giant went silent and did not dare to speak anymore.

The young lady sneered as she looked at Gu Xijiu again. She thought that this little girl was afraid of offending her as she was an upper-cla.s.s level person, so she came back to help her to gain her forgiveness.

Humph! She was not so easily fooled!

The young lady thought that she must have guessed correctly.

This little girl must be planning to cooperate with her to fight the beasts. If she could not defeat them, she might lure the beast's attention back towards her… She won't let her plan succeed!

Since this little girl had lured the beasts away, she should be responsible for it until the end. It would be best if she were killed by the beast!

She did a hand gestured to her golden armored servant, and it immediately turned left. The female beast was still angry, so it continued chasing after her.

Very soon they were quite a distance away from Gu Xijiu and the other beast. Gu Canmo could recognize every single one of his students, and so he was stunned. He knew about Gu Xijiu's ability. If he fought alone with the beast, he had no confidence to defeat it. He knew that he had to cooperate with the other if he wanted a shot at killing the beast.

This little girl had less than level eight of spiritual power, but now she was dealing with the beast alone… What if she was eaten by the beast? Gu Canmo clenched his fist tightly, and he became agitated. In his heart, he had decided that if he saw that Gu Xijiu was in danger, he would not care about the command of Messenger Chenge anymore and would rush out to help her!

He would not allow his students to be in any danger! He opened his eyes widely to watch the fight between Gu Xijiu and the beast. His heart was pumping very hard, and he was sweating.

Gu Xijiu had been utilizing her teleportation ability to its maximum. She sometimes went missing, and sometimes appeared somewhere else, and everyone was busy looking at her movements. However, whenever she performed the teleportation, she would not wander too far away to make sure that the beast did not lose its target.

The beast rushed left and right and sometimes even chased after its tail, but it still could not hurt Gu Xijiu. She was jumping around its mouth like a mouse playing with a cat. It made the beasts even more furious. Its body color was changing and becoming more reddish. Apparently, its temper was at its limit.

When the beast's body turned red, Gu Xijiu suddenly laughed. She teleported to the sky and took out something from her body. When the beast opened its mouth widely, she threw the thing into its mouth!

The beast had opened its mouth so wide that its throat had been exposed.

The thing that was thrown by Gu Xijiu rolled into its mouth and fell directly into its throat… Then she suddenly disappeared!

"Boom!" The explosion was earth-shattering.

Everyone was shocked as the inner part of the beast stomach had suddenly caught fire. The beast screamed shrilly, and its body exploded into pieces. Its blood dropped from the sky like rain.

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