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The cabin of the carriage was very s.p.a.cious. However, it felt small when there were eight of them squeezing inside together. All of their bodies were sticking to each other. The worse thing was that the carriage was overloaded. The Flying Lion tried very hard to move the carriage which caused it to vigorously shake as though it was going to fall from the sky anytime soon.

Apparently, Yan Chen and his buddies had not expected so many zombies to rush out altogether. They were all frightened and pale as they looked at the zombies that were scattered all over the valley.

The zombies had surrounded the entire cliff and valley as they began to move aimlessly everywhere since they had lost their target.

Everyone was scared as each zombie was extremely ferocious and possessed very good Kung Fu! Furthermore, there was an area with a dense population somewhere about 50 to 60 kilometers away. It would only take the zombies less than an hour to arrive at the area based on their speed!

Oh gosh! Oh gosh! What now!? Everyone seemed to be thinking about the same thing!

Although all of them were good at killing the zombies, there were indeed too many of them, and there was a big gap in the ratio between humans to zombies!

Furthermore, the zombies were all moving in different directions. There were only a few of them, and they would not be able to make a difference!

The eight of them could not help but look at the culprits in the sky.

Apparently, the young lady on the dragon was also stunned as she thought there was only one ferocious monster hidden underground, but it was, in fact, a large team of military zombies! She launched several attacks at the zombies, and each lightning was able to kill at least one zombie. The dragon started to blow fire out of its mouth angrily to burn the zombies...

Even though the zombies' clothes were burnt by the flames, but they were still alive!! Though their bodies had been burnt and had become as dark as coal, they were all in good condition. The young lady could see countless naked zombies rushing towards her.

Almost all of the zombies were men and they were probably affected by the drugs inside their body as their pubic region was erected, showing signs of excitement. Thus, she saw countless 'king crabs' moving around in front of her, and most of them were h.o.r.n.y...

Gosh! What an eye-catching scene!

The lady's face turned dark, and she yelled at her giant servant, "Stop them!"

The giant did not dare to defy her orders. Of course, everyone in the carriage witnessed the scene as well. Yan Chen quickly covered Little Fox's eyes so that she would not be shocked by the dirty scene.

Le Qingxing cursed softly and quickly covered her sister's eyes as well.

However, no one bothered to check on Zhang Chuchu as she was somewhat boyish. She was quite aroused from looking at the naked zombies and said, "Now I know how men's bottom looks like. It is so gross!" Her words attracted multiple glares from the men in the cabin.

Gu Xijiu's eyes were covered by someone's sleeve as well, and she heard Ying Yannuo whisper into her ear, "This is terrible, don't peek!"

Gu Xijiu was speechless. Why would she want to peek? She had seen enough in the modern world!

The light fragrance from his sleeve annoyed her. Hence, she pushed his sleeve away. She realized that the curtain was down and she could not see anything that was happening outside of the cabin.

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