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"Yan Chen, minimize your battlefield and save your energy! I'll take a look around!" Gu Xijiu ordered.

Yan Chen was shocked, "No way! It's too dangerous for you to go alone!"

"I'll be fine. I know how to teleport. The white-clothed zombies will not be able to harm me." Gu Xijiu leaped and disappeared.

Yan Chen was speechless.

"I'll go with her!" Ying Yannuo said and disappeared instantly.

Yan Chen was yet again speechless.

How did Ying Yannuo disappear in such a short time? Did he know how to teleport as well? Impossible! He remembered Gu Xijiu mentioning that it was an extraordinary ability which could not be easily acquired.

Unless... he had practiced the Flying Wind Magic to level eight.

Ying Yannuo only possessed a spiritual power of level 6.3 while Yan Chen was recognized as a genius among the elites in Tianju Hall before Gu Xijiu arrived and took away that t.i.tle from him.

Anyhow, he used to feel that there was be something strange about his junior disciple but now he was getting even more suspicious! He wondered whether Ying Yannuo was, in fact, an evil person. Yan Chen's forehead began to break out in sweat, and he decided to check with Gu Xijiu when she returned. Since he was unable to kill all the zombies, he decided to store his energy. Therefore, Yan Chen ordered his buddies to shrink the circle and stop attacking the zombies.

Zhang Chuchu was still excited even though they had retreated, "d.a.m.n it! Where were they coming from? There are so many of them!"

Yan Chen looked very serious, "They're all soldiers who had been reported as either missing or dead!"

Zhang Chuchu was stunned and speechless.

Le Qingxing continued, "The culprit must be someone powerful! Normal soldiers would not be able to handle these zombies if they got into a fight and many of them would be bitten to death…"

Yan Chen took a deep breath and continued, "Some soldiers were bitten. There were a group of soldiers from the Feixing Kingdom that had gone missing, and three of us were a.s.signed to investigate it. After conducting several investigations, we found a couple of villagers at the border who had been bitten while the rest of them were dead. While we were checking on the injured victims, a stranger appeared from a distance and we started chasing him and arrived here soon after.

The snowstorm had not stopped blowing even once, and everyone was freezing. If the zombies were able to transform people into one of them just by biting them, then it would be a great disaster for the continent.

There was an abundant amount of residential houses made of bricks and mud in the town. However, deeper inside the area was a completely different place as there was a ma.s.sive compound underneath which was big enough to cover half of the current town.

The thick walls were comparable to the walkway of a mausoleum. There was a door made from rocks at the end of the walkway, and it opened once in a while. About ten zombies were rushing out of the door every single time it opened.

There was an underground palace at the very end of the tunnel which was more fortified than a castle made from steel. However, the layout of the underground palace was extraordinary as the walls had been installed with mirrors which were made from mercury. The images on the mirrors did not reveal the layout of the palace, but instead, the situation and movements which took place outside the palace. An image of every single residential area and street appeared on the mirrors, and not a single corner was left unseen. There were many odd shaped containers and Petri dishes inside the palace which made it look as though it was a megscience lab.

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