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Di Fuyi slightly nodded and observed her face; she looked slightly better than this morning as she was not as pale as she was earlier.

"I'm first here to inspect you, second is to revise the lessons you've missed. I think you haven't mastered all of the lectures yet…"

"Thank you." Gu Xijiu bowed to thank him courteously.

Di Fuyi speechless.

He slightly opened his mouth as though he had something to say. However, he did not speak but changed the topic at the last minute, "Let's begin."

He did not bring any lecture notes but went straight to the contents of the previous lesson. He remembered everything and even a.n.a.lyzed the contents of his heart again so that it was simple and clear enough for her to understand.

Gu Xijiu paid full attention to him. She had a good learning att.i.tude and usually, she was strong enough to suppress any negative emotions and focus on a specific matter.

Di Fuyi had prepared a seat for her. He even prepared papers and a brush for her to record everything down.

He looked at her and asked after he finished explaining the lesson, "Do you get it? Let me know if there is anything you are unclear about."

Gu Xijiu shook her head, "None, I'm good."

There were a few things she did not understand when she borrowed the lecture notes from Little Fox, however, she managed to find the answer during the revision, so she had no questions at all.

Of course, she also understood the importance of the previous lesson on the Flying Wind magic.

She was surprised and proud of her performance this morning as she still managed to fly so high even though she had wrongly memorized the theories!

"Gu Xijiu, you can try to interpret and study the theories at the bottom and find a way to fly up there. You try to practice, and I'll tell you if there's something wrong…" Di Fuyi sat down on a greenstone as he looked at her.

Gu Xijiu did not say anything but agreed, "Alright."

She then began to prepare herself.

According to Di Fuyi, she needed to relax her tendons and blood vessels first, followed by transmitting all the spiritual power to her limbs...

She had not slept for almost a day, coupled with the intense training this morning, she was sweating when she tried to transmit all the spiritual power to her limbs.

Di Fuyi's expression changed and went straight to grab her hand. "Stop!"

Gu Xijiu was forcing herself to train; she immediately opened her eyes when she heard him and quickly withdrew her hand. She stepped back, "What are you doing, Celestial Master Zuo?"

Di Fuyi looked at her, he felt she was as though trying to draw a line between him and her as she suddenly became extraordinarily courteous to him.

Something went wrong.

According to Mu Yun, she would have been very upset by now, she would then throw her tantrum and gotten mad at him... perhaps, she might even cry. She should care about him by now and he just needed to be more patient to comfort her before she would go back to him...

However, she did not cry or get mad at him but was very calm instead. It was as though she was having another plan in her mind which made him feel uneasy.

He knew it, she cared about him.

She just needed a strong stimulant to wake herself up and face her feelings. The stimulant was there, but she was getting further away from him...

He looked at her, "Last night…" She came back earlier than he did, so how could she stay awake for the whole night?

Gu Xijiu frowned and looked at him as she felt he was just being annoying.  

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