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Since Di Fuyi occupied Gu Xijiu's body, he was able to tap on the jade card to unlock it. The patterns on the surface quickly disappeared and turned into a mirror. Mu Feng appeared in the mirror. He felt annoyed as he looked at his master's appearance but he still asked courteously, "How can I help you, My Lord?"

Di Fuyi immediately instructed, "Please find out who was hanging out with Yun Qingluo on Chinese Valentine's Day. I want to know more about this person. Keep an eye on Yun Qingluo over the next few days as well and see if there is anything strange."

Mu Feng was shocked and mad; he could not believe that someone would dare to impersonate Celestial Master Zuo! He immediately replied, "Yes!" He then went off to make his preparations.

Di Fuyi put away his jade card and then pondered while tapping his fingers on the table. No wonder Gu Xijiu hated him so much, she saw him hanging out with Yun Qingluo on Chinese Valentine's Day!

Logical speaking, Gu Xijiu was not a reckless person. She should be able to differentiate if it was not the real Celestial Master Zuo. Moreover, she brought the mussel along when she got down from the hill. The mussel should have been able to differentiate their odors. Was it possible for the imposter to be so good that even the mussel could not tell the difference?

Di Fuyi was deep in thought. Suddenly, the door was slammed open. The Wind Caller rushed into the room with Lu Wu sitting on its back. The mussel had clipped itself onto Lu Wu's tail.

The mussel was the active one in the group, as it was screaming when it entered the room, "Master! We heard that you're injured and moved here. Are you feeling better?"

It rolled over and wanted to clip Di Fuyi's robe, but Di Fuyi quickly stepped on its sh.e.l.l. Lu Wu also made some noise and rushed toward Di Fuyi; its tails looked like flaming wheels, and it wanted to hop onto Di Fuyi's wrist to show its love to its master. However, Di Fuyi pointed at them and said, "Come on, stay there!"

Although he was using Gu Xijiu's body, his aura was powerful. Animals were sensitive to the atmosphere around them. Hence, Lu Wu did not dare to move any closer but looked at Di Fuyi with a pitiful expression as it did not understand why its master did not allow it to be close to her anymore.

Of course, Di Fuyi did not expect that his action had hurt the young animal. And frankly speaking, he did not care. After all of them calmed themselves, he said, "Three of you stay here, I have something to ask you."

In fact, he was only speaking to the mussel since it was the only one who could talk. Di Fuyi did not want them to notice someone else was living in their master's body, so he pondered and then decided to set a fire and grill some fishes for them. While grilling the fishes, he talked to the mussel. Finally, he got to know that Gu Xijiu did see Yun Qingluo hanging out together with Di Fuyi.

Time had pa.s.sed, and suddenly, a lot of bubbles rose up to the surface of the water. Yun Qingluo suddenly emerged on the surface. She was choking, and her face looked like an eggplant.

She coughed out some blood as she had stopped breathing for too long.

She was holding her breath when she fell into the water as she knew that the cursed needle would make her body numb for 15 minutes. However, it was easier said than done. Initially, she felt 15 minutes was very quick. In the end, she finally realized that 15 minutes was like forever when she was underwater and unable to breathe.

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