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She looked around but did not manage to find anyone else in the room. Di Fuyi seemed to be still rational enough as he did not take advantage of her when she fainted.

She did not want to stay there any longer as she could not imagine what would happen if she continues to stay there!

After regaining her attention, she immediately wanted to get down from the bed. She planned to go back to her room and Little Fox was probably still asleep if she goes back early.

She raised her hand to open the bed drapes, but, she was stunned when she saw her hand!

That was such a fair and pretty hand and there was a jade ring on her thumb. The hand seemed to be able to change the world when she stretched it out.

Gu Xijiu was very familiar with this hand as she had held it many times...

That was Di Fuyi's hand!

Gu Xijiu was shocked as she looked at her hand. She immediately looked down on her own body and could not believe what she has seen!

She was wearing a purple robe and her chest was flat. Her proud 'mountains' on her chest were gone!

That… that was Di Fuyi's body!

Did she possess Di Fuyi's body?!

How could it be possible!?

Was it another mischief made by Di Fuyi? Did he disguise her on purpose?

He could definitely do that!

Yes, must be that! He disguised her!

Anxious, she opened up her top to exposed her chest, and saw a naked flat chest!

The chest was as nice as the marbles with two perfectly shaped nipples.

What an amazing chest he had!

That was not real! F*ck! He could even make it look so real!

Gu Xijiu raised her hand and touched it, and she suddenly paused as though she was electrocuted.

She could feel it! And it felt so real!

Her hand was shaky now; she decided to look further down. She saw her six packs of muscles and pinched it, that was quite a pain!

That… That was also fake?

But it felt so real!

Gu Xijiu could disguise as well, and it looked very real too. However, the flesh of the body had no feeling even when someone pinched or punched her. It was made from a special formula of silica gel.

However, what she has seen looked exactly like real flesh - the feeling when she touched and the pain she felt was exactly the same!

Fine, these body parts could be disguised - how about the pubic region? He could not disguise that part, right?

Gu Xijiu opened her pants and stretched her hand inside.

She quickly withdrew her hand!

F*ck! The body part was real! She could feel it was real when she touched it! And, she felt good when she touched it!

Gu Xijiu was stunned as she knew she was in deep s.h.i.t. She quickly jumped off the bed and grabbed the mirror! She found Di Fuyi's s.l.u.tty face in the mirror when she looked into it...

"Crash!" The mirror fell on the floor!

Gu Xijiu slumped into the chair!

She really possessed Di Fuyi's body! When she fell, she not only fainted but also took over his body!?

That was not logical! She remembered Di Fuyi telling Long Siye that she could not change a body anymore! That would cause her soul to disappear but why on earth did her soul possess Di Fuyi's body now?!

Besides that, Di Fuyi told her before that his body was different from others and no one could possess it. Then, how did she manage to possess his body!?

She has become Di Fuyi!

How about Di Fuyi's soul? Where was it now? And how about her body? Was it dead?!

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