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His looks alone were beautiful enough to make anyone surrender without any jealousy. That was Di Fuyi, the authentic one!

Finally, he seemed to regain consciousness after vomiting out all the alcohol. He washed his hands and then wiped his mouth before cleaning his hair. Even though he appeared to be recovering, he looked exhausted.

Gu Xijiu was exhausted from the ha.s.sle as well. It was only when she stopped struggling and trying to drown him that she realized her limbs were tired and numb. It felt as though she just fought with someone.

Gu Xijiu felt guilty as she suspected that she was the cause for him to vomit blood. Hence, she did not get onto the sh.o.r.e yet but observed him from somewhere nearby. When she realized that he was almost done with cleaning himself, she asked, "Do you still have enough strength? Do you need my help you get on the sh.o.r.e?"

Di Fuyi finally raised his head and looked at her.

Gu Xijiu's heart skipped a beat as his gaze was back to his usual charming self. He looked at her with his head slightly tilted to one side, "Gu Xijiu? Why are you here?"

His voice was still hoa.r.s.e, but it sounded charming and magnetic. Gu Xijiu was speechless. He was hugging her, kissing her and even touched her body, but he did not even know who he was with!? Then who the h*ll he did he think made him h.o.r.n.y just now?!

Gu Xijiu was furious but replied calmly, "I just pa.s.sed by and saw a small piece of cloth floating on the surface of the water. I thought it was something valuable, so I picked it up to have a look and somehow pulled you out from the water at the same time!"

Di Fuyi remained silent.

Gu Xijiu laughed coldly, "Well, it was quite funny that you fell into the water after drinking even though you're such a mighty person. You're not the man I thought you were. I'm amazed!"

Di Fuyi was still looking at her silently.

Gu Xijiu continued, "Perhaps, you were practicing certain martial arts under water? I'm really sorry that I pulled you up to the sh.o.r.e. I should've left you in the water…"

"Are you mad at me?" Di Fuyi finally said something.

Of course, she was mad! Who would not be mad after getting molested? Furthermore, Gu Xijiu had just rescued him from drowning! To make matters worse, the person who molested her did not even know who he had molested!?

"Indeed, I was drunk. That was my first time being drunk…" Di Fuyi said softly, "I wasn't practicing any martial arts, but I fell into the pond after drinking too much."

Gu Xijiu stared at him with her eyes widely opened. She suddenly added, "Then why didn't you drown!?"

Di Fuyi was shocked and speechless.

"You were hoping for me to die?" He asked with a sad gaze. He was hurt!

Gu Xijiu answered, "I was just wondering."

Di Fuyi was in the water for so long and the fact that he could still survive really amazed her.

"I can breathe through my skin underwater." Di Fuyi explained, "Thus, I can't drown."

Interesting. Gu Xijiu nodded, but she seemed to have recalled something, "Wait a minute, if you can breathe underwater then why did you vomit blood?"

Di Fuyi looked at her again, "Perhaps, it was because you're too stupid…"

Gu Xijiu was speechless.

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