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What people despised in her was that she actually used a vicious hidden weapon to attack her peers, while people also sympathized that she was abandoned by Celestial Master Zuo.

When Di Fuyi carried Gu Xijiu and left the arena, he did not even look at Yun Qingluo at all.

She spent so much effort to build the illusion that she was the favorite person of Celestial Master Zuo and was pampered by him. All these images were all gone now.

Now, people looked at her like how they looked at Gu Xijiu in the past…

The treatment that Gu Xijiu received in the past few days had all happened to her now and she felt extremely embarra.s.sed.

When Di Fuyi came to her foreyard, she was lying on the bed in her room. Her only friend who did not abandon had her comforted her, "Qingluo, do not worry. After all, Gu Xijiu was the disciple of The Lord. It was reasonable that Celestial Master Zuo saved and healed her first when she was badly injured so that The Lord would not blame it on him. I think he is doing this for you so that The Lord would not punish you…"

"Look, Celestial Master Zuo picked you up and stayed with you for a month. He even sent you back personally… Based on this, I believe Celestial Master Zuo treats you differently from Gu Xijiu.

Be rest a.s.sured, I think that once he has finished healing Gu Xijiu, he would come and visit you…"

When she finished this sentence, Celestial Master Zuo had just stepped into the room…

The young lady was shocked, but immediately her eyes had brightened. When she kneeled down to greet Di Fuyi, she looked at Yun Qingluo and gave her an eye signal, hinting that she was right at her guess.

Yun Qingluo's face suddenly turned pale upon seeing Di Fuyi.

She attempted to get up from the bed but failed to do so because of the pain in her rib. She frowned and looked at Di Fuyi. He was staring at her beside her bed and did not say anything.

She did not dare to delay any longer, so she had to bear the pain and got down from the bed and kneeled down with her companion.

This action hurt her injury and she was in pain until beads of sweat formed on her forehead.

Her companion froze for a moment, then she was surprised and pulled her, "Qingluo, you are injured… Celestial Master Zuo will not blame you if you didn't kneel…"

Yun Qingluo dared not bother her and only whispered, "I… I'm fine."

"How can you be fine? You have four broken ribs…"

Yun Qingluo wanted to cover her mouth, but Celestial Master Zuo was here and she could not do so. Her companion was not sensitive enough and naively asked, "Celestial Master Zuo, are you here to heal Qingluo? She was thinking about you all the time and thought that you would not come…"

Di Fuyi finally smiled. He was wearing a mask, so even when he smiled, they could just see the curved lips. The smile looked gentle but it lacked sincerity, "Of course, I will come, but to seek justice for Gu Xijiu. Before that, your friend seems to have misunderstood something. Don't you want to explain it?"

Yun Qingluo's face was pale, "I…"

Di Fuyi looked serious, "Who do you think you are?"

When he looked serious, the ambiance was a bit awkward and her companion finally sensed something was not right. Her mouth was wide open but she did not dare speak.

Di Fuyi stared at Yun Qingluo who kneeled in front of him with grim smile, "Why did I ask them to bring you to me?"

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