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Although Gu Xijiu's spiritual power was relatively low, she was competent and had already performed a few miracles in Tianju Hall. Even Gu Canmo was impressed, despite occasionally getting irritated by her.

She loved money, but she earned it in a fair way. Even if she tried to cheat someone, she did it openly and would let the person give her the money willingly.

She seemed to be very confident, but she was very kind too. There were times when she gave medicine to people who could not afford to pay but urgently needed the drug to survive. Of course, those people still had to pay her by credit.

She had her way of doing things, and it was a unique to her. It was not evil, so no one could hate her for it. That was a lot of young men in Tianju Hall admired her. However, they were scared away by her strong aura and never dared to confess. After all, all of these young men were still teenagers and always liked to secretly admire someone.

The topic of Gu Xijiu's "break up" had been the most popular topic among the public here. However, most of them just liked to gossip and never really cared about the details.

Even Gu Canmo had heard about this topic. At first, he was quite worried that Gu Xijiu would be distracted and unable to perform. But now, he was relieved!

Gu Xijiu looked healthy and carried herself as if nothing had happened. This time, there were quite a few judges for the match. They were Gu Canmo and the other nine teachers plus Yan Chen. The number of judges present portrayed the value of this compet.i.tion.

The rules of this compet.i.tion were different. In the past, it only took one match to win, but now, to ensure fairness, they needed to play three games to win.

Yun Qingluo and the team had also arrived. Three of them entered with strong auras around them, and a round of applause greeted them as they walked in.

Three of them went up on the stage, and now the two teams were facing each other for the first time today. When Yun Qingluo entered the stadium, she had already noticed Gu Xijiu. She thought that she would see a sad and disappointed face, but she never expected that this little girl still looked calm and peaceful.

Upon this, Yun Qingluo had a complicated feeling in her heart. She had never looked up to Gu Xijiu because she thought that Gu Xijiu was a commoner who was not worth her time. Yun Qingluo did not expect to have many interactions with this little girl, but even if they did meet, the little girl should be the one who admired her.

She never expected that there was a day when she needed to fight against Gu Xijiu officially. At first, Yun Qingluo would think that it was such a humiliation, but now she was here to have a fair game with her.

Gu Xijiu was a legend over at Tianju Hall, but it was a very unpleasant fact in the eyes of Yun Qingluo who was also a legend. Although Yun Qingluo was unhappy, she still kept her eyes on Gu Xijiu.

She wanted to pry into Gu Xijiu's mind from her observing her gestures. However, Gu Xijiu did not even look at her. She looked at the twins to the point where they did not feel comfortable with her presence. Le Qingxing frowned, and Le Zixing was slightly unhappy.

The twins were 15 years old and only a few months older than Gu Xijiu. They still looked very young and childish compared to her. They were not as stunning as their teammate but were nonetheless beautiful. As they looked the same, when they stood together it made a lovely scene and looked very pleasing.

It became apparent that Le Zixing was the one with a hot temper. She was a bit frustrated being stared at by Gu Xijiu, "What are you looking at?"

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