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Published at 15th of July 2019 02:45:04 PM Chapter 2059: 2059

This was her chance! Gu Xijiu's eyes sparkled for a brief moment as she retrieved a small bottle from her storage s.p.a.ce and put it in front of him . "This is it . "

Di Fuyi looked down at the bottle . He recognized that these were the pills refined by the Purple Cloud Mushroom .

Gu Xijiu's body leaned over to take a closer look at him . She looked sincere . "To be honest, I used to be a very ordinary human . After I ate this, I was reborn, and when I practiced, the effect was doubled . That is why I can reach this level in just 200 years…"

"If I did not know your ident.i.ty, I would suspect that you are a marketer selling some wild medicine . " Gu Xijiu had continuously been promoting different medicines to him .  

Gu Xijiu was speechless .

Usually, people sold this in the market at a very high price while she was now giving it out for free; nonetheless, she still had to put in a lot of effort to persuade him to take it!

"You should have eaten this medicine, right? Are you still unclear about its efficacy?" Gu Xijiu did not give up .

Di Fuyi's eyes fell on her little bottle, and he softly replied, "I am not clear about its effectiveness . I have thrown that medicine away . "

Gu Xijiu choked, and her eyes were widely opened now . "You threw it away? Why? Do you know that this medicine is extremely precious?! There are less than a hundred pills in the whole world . . . " Her heart was in pain! She was always reluctant to consume the pills herself and would always put them in the safest place in her storage s.p.a.ce . Sometimes when she thought about it, she would take it out and look at them to make sure they were still edible .

Gu Xijiu was never a fan of wealth . She was always willing to share good things with others . She had many rare medicines that she refined, and she always gave them out to her friends . However, she cherished this supplement very much .

During the years when she was demotivated and did not want to do anything, this bottle could always give her hope and warmed her cold heart . Therefore, she had been reluctant to give it away . She had given one to Long Siye in the past to help him to reach level ten .

She would only consume them herself when she was in a hurry to level up her spiritual power . If it were not at a critical moment, she would never simply take the pill . That was why this bottle was still usable until now .  That was why she never expected him to throw it away!

She was nervous, and her voice was noticeably louder .

Di Fuyi looked at her angry face . It was rare to see her being so emotional . Her big dark eyes were opened wide, and her lips were tightly sipped . Apparently, he provoked her; she was now like a little girl . Di Fuyi's felt a little bad; he did not know why he suddenly had the mood to prank her . He smiled and spoke nonchalantly, "It is only a pill . How precious can it be? You act like this… Are you exaggerating?"

Gu Xijiu took in a deep breath . "Only a pill? Do you know that this supplement is a rare and amazing product? You can't refine it anymore . Once you eat one, the quant.i.ty will reduce by one . In the past, when Long Siye wanted to break the level ten barrier, I also only gave him one . When he needed to pa.s.s through the calamity, I could actually give him one to guarantee his safety . However, I cherished my pills so much, so I consumed my spiritual power to support him instead of giving him another pill . "

Di Fuyi blinked in surprise . "You have known Long Siye for a long time? He ascended from the Lower Bound . Are you from the same place as him?"

"Of course; we were friends in the Lower Bound . " Her relationship with Long Siye could be traced back to three generations .  

Di Fuyi looked at the bottle she put there . "Did you give him this pill?"

"As I said, I gave him one . He took only one, and it helped him to upgrade from level eight to level ten in just a few years . The people called it a miracle . "

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