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Qian Lingyu and Qian Lingtian were sitting in the middle of the giant star.

Qian Lingtian's could not believe how things had unraveled. Finally, he realized that something terrible had happened.

He desperately jumped up and screamed, "What are you doing?!" After he shouted, he tripped and fell on the floor. It was not a terrible fall. Instead, what more horrifying was that he felt that his body was as soft as cooked noodles. He was a boneless being now.

"You… What have you done to me?" He cried in a hoa.r.s.e voice.

"I have poisoned you so that you can be obedient and not play any bad tricks again." Gu Xijiu replied.

Qian Lingtian opened his eyes widely, "When did you do that?" He glanced through the crowd but noticed that everyone looked normal and healthy. It seemed like he was the only one who got poisoned.

"My poison is a type of fragrance. Normally, it can help to enhance the strength of the people who smelled it. Can you smell anything?" Gu Xijiu explained.

Qian Lingtian stared at the burning incense at the corner of the hall. There was still white mist rising to the air.

It was very typical to have burning incense in the hall. Moreover, there were so many people in the hall, so he never expected that there was a trap in the burning incense!

"This fragrance cannot be mix with one type of herb. Once they are mixed, it will have a negative impact on the individual and become a poison. Don't worry. This poison will not kill you but only to make you obedient."

In fact, there was one more characteristic of this poison. It needed the person to keep talking. The more he spoke, the more poison he would inhale into his body to trigger the effect.

That was the reason why Gu Canmo and the others let him keep talking a moment ago. They did not want to interrupt him and even encouraged him to talk more.

Qian Lingtian realized that he was trapped. He was furious, "What kind of herb? How do you know that I have consumed that herb?"

Gu Xijiu raised her eyebrow, "Very simple. It was there when I was producing the grade four pill that you asked me to produce last night."

Qian Lingtian was fuming mad, "So you planned your trap since yesterday!"


Qian Lingtian laughed sarcastically, "Gu Xijiu, you are brilliant and you know a lot of things. However, do you think you can remove the poison without me? You are so wrong! As long as I don't cooperate with you, you will never be able to take the venom out of his body!"

Gu Xijiu looked at him for a moment but did not say anything. Suddenly, she sighed, "You are always quite smart but why are you so stupid now? Do you think I will reveal your bad actions in public if I don't have full confidence in myself? Are you trying to tell me that my cure won't work? Do you think that as long as you don't use your inner strength, that the pill will not have any effect?"

Qian Lingtian suddenly thought of something, "That grade four pill! It was mixed with the pill!"

"Finally, you understand!"Gu Xijiu chuckled.

Qian Lingtian regretted. He had thoroughly absorbed the pill without anyone forcing him to do so. What more exasperating was that he spent a lot of money to buy that pill!

He clenched his fists and knew that he had no escape. All his lies had been exposed and could no longer be hidden anymore.

He suddenly laughed, "Gu Xijiu, you've won this time. However, don’t expect that you can cure him!" He suddenly bit his own teeth, and the drug that he hid behind his teeth slipped down his throat.

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