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Published at 6th of July 2019 02:40:04 PM Chapter 2032: 2032

Yaori Mountain was covered in gold and red, even the leaves of the plants were gold and red . It was spectacular when it was seen from far . Yaori Mountain was covered with a lush forest and spiritual creatures . Many of the celestial fairies from the Saha World got their celestial pets from here .

Typically, the most powerful spiritual creatures were often lingering deep in the forest; hence, ordinary fairies did not manage to acquire them since they did not have the guts to explore further .

The mussel once told Lu Wu that it wanted to hunt a musk deer which carried an exceptional fragrance . The musk deer was living at the outer area of the Yaori Mountain, and it was not difficult for the mussel to capture it based on its capabilities .

It was now in the evening, and an immense sun was hanging at the peak of the mountain . The view was amazing! Gu Xijiu stopped at the outer area of Yaori Mountain with Lu Wu, as it landed on the Lone Peak .

The Lone Peak was more than ten miles wide and was surrounded by a cliff . There were a few huge trees on the peak, and the Huangshan Pine stretched it branches out from the peak .

Gu Xijiu did not have the time to admire such a nice scene at the moment . Instead, it instructed Lu Wu to search for the mussel once they landed . After all, both of them had been companions for a long time now; they should know each other very well . Lu Wu could definitely smell the mussel scent; it seemed to be somewhat close to them .  

"Wow! This is so beautiful!" A girl was cheering somewhere nearby .

"It is, indeed, beautiful . This is the most beautiful sunset; Mr . Fuyi even made a poem for this place sometime back . " Someone seconded .

"Huh? What poem is that, brother? Do you still remember it?"

"Nope, I have forgotten . However, it is engraved on the rock over there; let me show you . " The sound of their footsteps was getting louder as they drew closer to the Lone Peak .

Gu Xijiu felt the voice of the young boy and girl sounded very familiar, but she could not recall where she had heard it . Nonetheless, she was interested in the conversation as she heard 'Mr . Fuyi' being mentioned . She was surprised that the boy could even write poems .

Five of them gathered in front of a giant rock with a few words engraved on it, but no one noticed Gu Xijiu who was standing above them .

Someone read, "The sunset combines thousands of mountains in one; I am allowed to do anything I want . However, I shall leave after completing my mission without leaving any footprints or my name . Excellent!"

"Our eldest senior is so talented!" The young girl cheered .

"Sister Guan, Mr . Fuyi is no longer our senior apprentice; you should stop addressing him this way . " Someone reminded her .

"No! He is always Jinhua's eldest brother apprentice, even if he will never come to the Fengyun Valley again . " Another lady disagreed .

Someone sighed softly . "Unfortunately he will never get another teacher… He argued with all ten of his teachers because of that evil lady…"

"He is lost, for now, but he will return . " Guan Jinhua said confidently .

Coincidentally, Gu Xijiu heard their conversation when the five of them were talking . She had a rather good memory; hence, she managed to remember all their ident.i.ties .

They were Master Fengxing's disciples from the Fengyun Valley . There were three boys and two girls, and the one who was wearing a light purple dress was Guan Jinhua .

All of them were guarding the ground when Gu Xijiu broke into the Fengyun Valley alone . However, she did not fight with them but only took a few glimpses of them during the battle; that was the reason she found them familiar .

Gu Xijiu did not have much interest in them but was curious about their conversation . She was shocked to learn that Di Fuyi betrayed all his teachers because of her! 

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