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"You’re innocent? Where did these spiritual stones come from then?"

Besides the spiritual stones, there were a few medicine bottles in his storage bag. They were very rare medicines which included those he bought from Gu Xijiu.

The chief of the Penalty Department asked furiously, "And where did you get the spiritual stones to buy all these medicines!?"

Qian Lingtian remained silent but was notably terrified.


The sky was still dark. However, it was bright in the Lingfeng Court. The crowd had filled the court, and the audience today was basically all the geniuses in Tianju Hall.

All the cla.s.s teachers and elders from each department were gathered as well, together with Yan Chen and Yun Qingluo. The disciples from the Ziyun cla.s.s were also present.

Most of them did not know what happened and looked confused. Everyone stared at each other with many question marks above their heads as they saw Qian Lingtian brought into the court by the four elders from the Penalty Department.

After a short wait, another few people were brought into the court by the disciples from the Penalty Department. They were also students from the Ziyun cla.s.s. In fact, they were the best buddies of Qian Lingtian, who always played and hanged out together.

Only when Gu Canmo appeared in the court and initiated the interrogation did the crowd finally understand what had happened.

Qian Lingtian had a few opportunities to commit suicide or kill everyone accompanying him to Lingfeng court. However, who would pick that road if there was still hope?

Along the journey, he had been thinking of how to explain the source of his spiritual stones, and he almost finished designing his lies when he arrived at Lingfeng court.

When he heard the questions from Gu Canmo, he began to orchestrate his lie. Based on his statement, he found a pool of spiritual stones in a cave when he went out on a mission. He admitted that he secretly kept everything for himself due to personal greed.

He then cried and claimed that he was not involved in spiritual stones theft and he urged the princ.i.p.al to check the spiritual stones if he did not trust his words.

Although his spiritual stones looked similar to those in the Tianju Hall, there were still some minor differences. For example, there was a special snowflake on the spiritual stones from the Tianju Hall, but his spiritual stones had a plum blossom marking.

Generally speaking, the markings on the spiritual stones were tiny, and they both looked quite similar. Hence, it was difficult to identify with the absence of a magnifying gla.s.s.

Initially, Qian Lingtian was afraid of exposing that difference as those stones would no longer be legal tender. But now, he could not wait to tell everyone about the difference.

By informing them that he secretly kept all the spiritual stones, he might be charged with a lighter punishment, and he would probably not get executed or kicked out from Tianju Hall. Perhaps, he would be locked for a few days and forced to reflect on his actions. At worst, he might get demoted to the Liuyun cla.s.s. However, the truth might cause him to die!

He was familiar with the consequences. Hence, he insisted on claiming that he secretly kept the spiritual stones.

He even called his witnesses - the two students from the Ziyun cla.s.s who executed the mission together with him.

Everything he said sounded real, and Gu Canmo and the elders might just believe in him if they had not found out the truth.

Both of his partners disclosed the details of the mission, but that was only sufficient to prove that the three of them had been to the cave together. They did not know about anything regarding the spiritual stones in the cave.

Qian Lingtian was really good at acting as he embarra.s.singly claimed that he did not share the spiritual stones with his partners due to his extreme desire for greed.

Gu Canmo did not show any facial expression but kept watching his opera.

The other four elders from the Penalty Department did not show any response as well; no one knew what was on their minds.

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