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Just when he was about to lie down for a short nap, he saw a firework spark in the distance which quickly subsided. He was not carrying the required tool to see the firework, but it was almost impossible to hide it from him.

He knew it was the secret signal which Gu Canmo always used to contact his people. They have probably discovered something important.

Usually, The Lord would not bother to know what happened. However, when he closed his eyes, he thought of Gu Xijiu’s action in the night market.

The little girl had performed quite well, and many people were shocked. He believed that those people would look at her differently when the sun rises again in the morning, and their prejudice would slowly disappear.

After all, people tended to admire talented and capable people. The little girl would now be a superstar in the Tianju Hall as though she were a diamond. Thus, The Lord was not surprised with her action.

However, he just did not expect her to be able to excel in such a short time. Perhaps, she did not even need his advice or intensive cla.s.ses. She could still make her breakthrough even if he were not there. In this case, should he just leave now?

He raised his head and looked outside; he wondered whether the firework had something to do with Gu Xijiu. He got up and called his four messengers, "Check it out and see what Gu Canmo is doing."

The four messengers quickly left without any delay. Messenger Shangshan had returned after a short while, and he looked a bit strange, "Reporting to The Lord: the punisher of the Tianju Hall has caught a thief who stole some spiritual stones. They're interrogating him right now. However, it is not in the Penalty Hall but the Lingfeng Court…"

The Lord frowned and waited for him to continue the story. Messenger Shangshan added, "I don't know why Miss Gu went there as well. I almost crashed into her."

The Lord remained silent.

Messenger Shangshan continued to speak, "Strange... what is she doing there? Is she going to interrogate the thief? It seems unlikely as everyone in the Penalty Hall is experienced in investigating crimes. Why would they need a little girl to help? My Lord…"

He lowered his chin when he spoke and realized there was no response coming from the opposite direction. He could not help but raise his head and realize that The Lord had gone.

Messenger Shangshan was speechless.


Qian Lingtian was very happy, but his happiness only lasted until he got up after his Kung Fu practice. He felt really energetic, and he immediately did a backflip as he opened his eyes. However, he was utterly stunned when he saw the four people in front of him!

Four of the elders from the Penalty Department had arrived, and they looked ferocious! Subconsciously, he stepped backward and said, "Four elders, you…"

Qian Lingtian, you’re suspected to be involved in a spiritual stone theft. Let’s go!"

Qian Lingtian’s heart was pounding in his chest as he was worried they found out that he had cast a spell on Qian Lingyu! He felt relieved that it was not the case, and he immediately claimed that he was wronged and swore he did not steal any spiritual stones.

The Chief of Penalty Department laughed coldly and rushed forward to catch him. He pulled away Qian Lingtian's pendant which he always wore around his neck and then tapped on it. The pendant immediately enlarged and turned into a storage bag. He shook the bag, and thousands of spiritual stones dropped on the floor.

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