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She had observed him for five days, and she knew his schedules well enough.

If she just suspected him in the first place, now she was very sure Qian Lingtian was the culprit behind Qian Lingyu’s illness.

Qian Lingyu puts a lot of effort to hide the truth. However, he was still young and straightforward to expose his emotion when he did not like someone.

Qian Lingtian was anxious, and he was a cautious person. Hence, he noticed something was wrong with Qian Lingyu.

Throughout the five days, Gu Xijiu realized Qian Lingtian was not only anxious, but his temper was getting worse.

She pondered and decided to pull back the fishnet and disappeared.

She was teleporting almost all the time. Hence, Qian Lingtian did not notice her even though she has been appearing back and forth several times.


The night was late.

The man chained to the wall in jail was Gu Canmo. He was considered a real man.

He followed exactly the penalty he deserved to take. In the last few days, they had roasted his body for two hours and peeled his skin. When he was out, smoke could be seen coming from behind, and then he was kept in jail again right after that.

At the moment, he was resting in the jail.

He seemed to have sensed something and suddenly opened his eyes. He frowned.

A young girl was looking at him in front. It was Gu Xijiu!

No wonder people said she knew some magic. Indeed! She could just come into the jail without causing any chaos!

"Why are you here? Are you afraid I'd run away? And did you purposely come to check?" Gu Canmo said rudely.

Gu Xijiu smiled, "Although you’re careless and act reckless, but you’re a real man who keeps his promise. I respect you."

Gu Canmo’s eyebrows slightly relaxed. The little girl was a smart person.

"Then why are you here? To laugh at me?"

Gu Xijiu sighed, "What do I get for laughing at you? And I’m not this kind of person. I’m here to check something with you and hope you could help to answer."

"What is it?"

"Headmaster, do you want Qian Lingyu to recover? Do you hope he can fully recover from his illness?"

Gu Canmo was stunned and began to judge Gu Xijiu, "Do you have a solution for that?"

As the headmaster, it was not difficult to hear the rumors even though he was in jail. All the elders who had come to report had told him everything.

Therefore, he knew everything. However, he thought that was a strategy Gu Xijiu used to stabilize her life in Tianju Hall. He thought it was just a lie. Hence, he did not care. However, he was surprised when Gu Xijiu asked this way!

Gu Xijiu smiled, "I just want to know whether you want him to recover."

"Are you talking c.r.a.p? Of course, I wish he would recover!" Gu Canmo answered without hesitation.

Initially, he wanted to invite Long Siye to check on Qian Lingyu. However, he did not expect there were so many things that had happened since he came and everyone was busy dealing with those problems.

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