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It was kind of an exaggeration to say a man fights with millions of soldiers, however, Messenger Chenge was indeed fighting with hundreds of white people…

He was using a knife and his spiritual power was based on the water element. Every single strike would generate a water jet, forming a huge water wall. And when the water wall splashed onto the white people, it sliced them apart, as easily as cutting vegetables were.

Although they had been cut into several pieces, when the rain poured on them they reintegrated and came back to fight again. There were even some white people splitting into several small white people...

Therefore, despite how hard Messenger Chenge fought, the number of white people kept increasing.

Gu Xijiu narrowed her eyes. These white people were not human but more like people under a spell!

These things could be regenerated. If they did not find out who the person behind this manipulation was, the number of the white people would keep increasing…

She flew down from the wall.

When Messenger Chenge heard the sound from the back, he turned and saw that she was flying over him. He was shocked and shouted, "Miss Gu, go back!"

There was a wizardry barrier set up around Gu Xijiu’s backyard. If there was someone coming to attack, the barrier would be automatically raised to block the invasion.

Once it was raised, no one could enter the backyard.

Of course, the people inside could leave from the barrier too, unless it was removed. If so, Messenger Chenge would have been notified immediately.

But Gu Xijiu could quietly break out from the barrier. He wondered how she could do that.

"They are not human, so it is useless to kill them. Let me go and unveil person behind this all." Gu Xijiu did not stop but kept flying towards one direction.

Once she finished her sentence, all the white people immediately turned to her as though they smelled the aroma of their prey. Suddenly, they all rushed towards Gu Xijiu and tried to attack her!

They could fly as well as jump, and their speed was fast! In just a blink of an eye, they were already close to Gu Xijiu and had surrounded her…

The face of Messenger Chenge had changed. He immediately flew over and used his sword to slash the white people. He quickly flew into the middle of the circle to meet Gu Xijiu, "Miss Gu, it is very dangerous here. You have to go back now!"

Gu Xijiu swept through the white people around her, "It seems like the person they want to attack is me." When these things saw her, they became more furious and their eyes turned red. The tricks they used was also increasingly frenetic.

Messenger Chenge was speechless because it was only now that Gu Xijiu had realized this fact.

They did not attack the front yard with no wizardry barrier, but only focused on the backyard, so apparently, their objective was to attack her.

He did not unveil person behind this scheme yet, because the attack of these white people was too rabid. He was worried that they would break the barrier and went into the backyard to attack Gu Xijiu, therefore, he was stuck here fighting against the white people…

Where was Messenger Shangshan? Why was he not coming to help?

While Messenger Chenge was urging Gu Xijiu to go back, he had also kicked the white people nearby out of the circle…

Gu Xijiu suddenly rushed forward and pulled one of the white people back. Messenger Chenge was shocked by her actions. "What are you doing?" He asked.

When he wanted to cut the white people with his sword, Gu Xijiu said, "Please continue to block them while I am checking what this thing is made of."

Although the martial art of the white people was not lousy, Gu Xijiu was also an expert in catching people. She immediately twisted its limbs and tied it up like a dumpling.

Messenger Chenge had calmed down when he saw that she was no longer danger and continued to escort her.

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