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"Nianmo, who is the person behind the plot?" Spiritual Master Yuhang Zhenren did not see the young palace master, so he was curious.

"It is a woman who prefers to dress like a man. Her cultivation level should be at a thousand years and above, comparable to the standard of a Golden Immortal. One of her strengths is alchemy. The half-orc men under her command are not real beasts. They have swallowed a kind of special pill and have unfortunately turned into their beastly appearance. She took the children away to create a kind of pill that can increase one's power instantly by great folds," Shen Nianmo shared his information.

Yuhang Zhenren was puzzled. "Where is the woman now?"

"She has escaped through a secret tunnel."

Qing Luo stamped her feet eagerly and said, "We cannot let this vicious woman run away! Why aren't we going after her? Let's go! Let's go!"

She took a leap and entered the secret tunnel.

Gu Xijiu was speechless.

Shen Nianmo's expression changed abruptly. "Nonsense!" Swift as lightning, he entered the tunnel.

"Ah!" A loud scream could be heard coming from Qing Luo in the tunnel. Covered entirely in a vivid flash of purple ray, she could be seen being taken out of the tunnel. The impact was so strong that she almost b.u.mped into Si Qing.

Si Qing gave her a hand to help her stand properly.

Qing Luo was still in a state of shock. She looked at Shen Nianmo uneasily and said, "My Eldest Senior, you…"

She saw it clearly. It was Shen Nianmo's sleeves that took her out of the tunnel.

"Fool!" Shen Nianmo did not hold back his sarcasm. "What makes you think that you can enter this sort of place easily? When will you learn to be smarter?"

Qing Luo was a little intimidated under his stern manner, but she remained unconvinced. "The woman has escaped from here, so we should go after her. Moreover, I do not see anything strange about the tunnel."

Speaking of which, her tongue was suddenly a little numb. She could not help but try licking her lips. Oddly enough, her lips began to taste as sweet as honey, so she continued to lick more and more.

She could not help it; it was like an addiction. Suddenly, she was driven by a strong desire to chew and swallow her lips. It was a strange desire, strong enough to disregard the consequences. She had lost all sense of thought. Immediately, she started biting her lips.

"Stop biting!" Gu Xijiu, who had been standing aside, suddenly emerged. An intermittent seven-colored ray flashed by, and Qing Luo was then frozen.

The crowd was shocked. They glanced to the direction where Gu Xijiu was coming from. Instead of looking back, Gu Xijiu only fixed her eyes on Qing Luo. "She is poisoned," she said coldly, but firmly.

Everyone then turned their eyes and focused on Qing Luo.

Qing Luo stood frozen like a piece of wood that was unable to move. Only her eyes blinked in despair. Her complexion, however, was very attractive at the moment. Her cheeks flushed crimson, as pink as the cherry blossoms. Her lips were brightly colored, as charming as the blossoming peach trees in the rainy season of March.

Qing Luo was a good-looking lady with silky smooth skin. The place was dim, so they did not realize her sudden change of complexion, not until Gu Xijiu pointed it out.

What kind of poison had she got?

Yuhang Zhenren's power was exceptionally good, but he knew nothing about poisons at all. Hence, his disciples were no different. 

Shen Nianmo knew very little about it too. He could cure normal poisons, but not the one that Qing Luo had. All of them looked at each other in dismay, then to Gu Xijiu.

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