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The door of the prison was shattered like pieces of paper under his strikes. The Lords entered the prison with big strides and easily found the little steel cell that was holding Gu Xijiu. He performed the same strike to shatter the door that was attached to the prison and saw Gu Xijiu.

The chains that were hundreds of years old which were used to suppress the demons were like strands of noodles under the strikes of the Lord. One strike could easily break them all.

All this while, The Lord did not bother to speak a word to Gu Canmo and did not even look at him. Gu Canmo was unsurprisingly in a rather nervous state. His uneasiness grew stronger and stronger, especially when he saw Gu Xijiu’s current condition.

When he saw The Lord carrying Gu Xijiu in his arms, not only did he feel helpless at heart, all the leading authorities at the Tianju Hall started to feel uneasy as well, as though a great calamity was at hand. It turned out that The Lord cared about the lady to such an extent!

In every person’s heart, The Lord was of a different world all along. He would not get close to any lady. Perhaps, any lady who got close to him would be considered as blasphemy against The Lord.

However, not only did The Lord hold the lady close in his arms, he even held her tightly.

What kind of situation was this? Did The Lord feel something for her?

Perhaps the lady was not just a follower of The Lord; she could be his lover. Everyone was losing their minds, as they were all completely shaken by what they had just witnessed.

Only the four followers of The Lord were not surprised. They looked calm and refused to be distracted as they followed alongside The Lord while opening a path for him.

The Tianju Hall, which was a school established under the name of The Lord, was as important to The Lord as the heavenly gifted disciples.

Whenever there were cases in Tianju Hall that required the resolution of The Lord, Gu Canmo would then try to contact messenger Jiangshan. However, messenger Jiangshan was difficult to handle, even more so than the little spirits from the King of h.e.l.l.

Whenever he needed messenger Jiangshan to deliver a message to The Lord, messenger Jiangshan would only give him a simple reply - to wait. Normally, there would not be any reply.

Alternatively, he would endure and wait for days or even months to receive a reply from messenger Jiang Shan that said - Figure it out yourself!

It made Gu Canmo doubt whether messenger Jiangshan delivered his messages to The Lord.

Mu Feng had addressed Gu Canmo's concerns before with teary eyes, "He’s innocent! He did his best to deliver the message to The Lord every time, but The Lord was indeed unpredictable and did not bother to answer. The Lord would only answer "Figure it out yourself" at most. Thus, he could only deliver the original message from The Lord back to the sender. They’ve never filled their own pockets with other people’s money, neither have they been corrupted or taken bribes. None of them have misconducted of their duties. However, to most people, they’ve become so difficult to handle, even the heavenly gifted disciples hate them bitterly."

In the long run, Gu Canmo chose not to report to the four followers anymore. Even if he reported, he would not receive any answer. So why bother? Because of that, Gu Canmo did not report Gu Xijiu's case to The Lord. He wanted to solve the conflict himself.

Moreover, he saw this as an opportunity to get Gu Xijiu to leave. Gu Xijiu had a reputation for being the follower of The Lord. Hence, if she did not request it herself, he could not possibly expel her. Now that this incident had surfaced, it could be used as an opportunity for him to expel her, even though the death of the two students had indeed caused him great pain.

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