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He wanted to explain further, but The Lord gave him a stern look. It was a look that was as cold as ice and sent a chill down to Gu Canmo's heart. He could not continue what he wanted to say.

The arrival of The Lord was utterly surprising! It was all out of Gu Canmo’s expectation. After imprisoning Gu Xijiu, he immediately started the investigation on the cause of death of the two disciples. In his investigation, all the signs still pointed towards the mussel.

Although Gu Canmo never liked Gu Xijiu, he would not dare to torture her. Therefore, he could only send his men to interrogate the mussel with torture. The mussel had suffered greatly. Although it was afraid of pain, it was unyielding. It still called for injustice during the torture and cried a river for being hurt so badly. Moreover, without its sh.e.l.l, it was too vulnerable. It could not endure the pain. A little burn would be enough to make it utter cries of anguish. Its cries were unpleasantly sharp and sounded like the cries of a frightened baby. The torturers could not bear it at first. Despite having multiple people interrogate the mussel, they could not find anything conclusive.

Since they could not find anything from the interrogation, Gu Canmo planned to keep Gu Xijiu in prison for a couple of days just to make her suffer. He wanted to take the keen edge off her spirit so she could understand that the Tianju Hall was not a place for someone like her. He would then give her two options when she was released; she could either choose to leave the Tianju Hall together with the mussel or stay and see the Mussel punished to death.

In his mind, that was his initial plan, and it was already partially executed. But just when he thought it was about time to release Gu Xijiu and force her hand, The Lord visited abruptly all of a sudden.

The Lord rarely visited. Since the establishment of the Tianju Hall, he had only came three times. Moreover, he would only visit briefly and leave in haste. Never had he stayed more than an hour. When he visited, he would send his four followers to notify the Tianju Hall in advance so that they could make necessary arrangements beforehand. But this time, no notice was given. The Lord simply emerged out of the sky, throwing the people in the Tianju Hall off their guard.

Gu Canmo could not believe the news when he first heard it. He even thought that it was an imposter. However, he knew firmly that it was really The Lord after seeing his face.

In this continent, there was no one else who would have the same aura and character as The Lord. No one was able to impersonate him, even if he was wearing a mask. Gu Canmo welcomed his arrival in a flurry, knowing at heart that it was imminent to wind this matter up.

As expected, the moment The Lord saw him, he asked, "Where’s Gu Xijiu?" Gu Canmo swallowed a gulp of saliva. Just when he was about to tell The Lord everything in detail, The Lord immediately interrupted him, "Tell me where she is! Don’t make me turn the entire Tianju Hall upside down!"

Gu Canmo was only able to utter a few words, "In the Devil Gaol…"

Then, Gu Canmo could feel a sudden heat wave invading the entire hall. Soon after, The Lord disappeared.

The Devil's Gaol was a place designed to suppress demons and bad spirits. Not only the walls were built to its firmest foundation, but no weapon could rive apart the grim aged steel. There were even incantations on the interior of the prison to suppress the demons. If Gu Canmo did not have the specific tool to open the door, even he could not go in there.

The place was known as the most secure place in the area. Gu Canmo once boasted in front of his students that the place was easy to secure and difficult to be attacked. Even if there were hundreds or even thousands of people who attempted to break into the prison, they could not even make it through the door.

Gu Canmo dashed off like a streak of vapor towards the Devil's Gaol as he wanted to instruct the disciple there to open the door for The Lord. However, before he could say anything, The Lord was already hitting the door with powerful strikes.

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