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After he was stunned, he saw that many people in the surrounding were glancing at him with sneers which he was familiar with.

He felt ashamed, and he immediately blocked Gu Xijiu’s way when he saw that she was coming out from the house again, "You’re rather arrogant, aren’t you? Do you know that I hate unofficial students very much?"

Gu Xijiu pushed his shoulder and replied indifferently, "Well, you may continue to hate. Go away, don’t block me from doing my work."

The angle at which Gu Xijiu pushed was rather wily and unexpected. Therefore, he did not manage to duck and was pushed away by Gu Xijiu instead.

With numbness on his shoulder, he could not help to step backward. When he managed to stabilize himself, Gu Xijiu had already taken a stone into the house.

She saw him as nothing!

And the kung fu possessed by this little brat was very strange. She could push his shoulder even when he took precaution!

More sneers were heard from the surroundings as pa.s.serby became intrigued by the scene.

The teenager blushed because if he could not even deal with an unofficial student, he could be shameful to continue staying at Tianju Hall!

Therefore, he decided to teach Gu Xijiu a lesson, "Little brat, come out! Let’s talk!"

With a wave of his hands, a faint green air boomed towards Gu Xijiu's new house!

"Shmm!" The thatched roof was blown away, and the house immediately became an open-air house.

The teenager laughed. When he wanted to start teasing, a silhouette swayed, and he felt something on his neck as he suddenly stumbled!

When he managed to respond, his neck was already being pressed against a big rock!

Gu Xijiu, whom he despised, was exerting an intimidating aura and was pressing his neck while looking down at him, "Do you want me to shave your hair or do you want to rebuild my roof?"

She got a knife from nowhere and placed it on his scalp.

As the knife was extremely sharp, she just needed to move by a little and his rather cool hairstyle would be shaved completely!

As this generation was particular about their outlook, hairs were as important as their head and shaving were equivalent to being beheaded! Therefore, some people were willing to be decapitated instead of being shaved.

Such threatening from Gu Xijiu was indeed the weak point of the teenager.

The teenager was stupefied! And his face turned whiter than paper, "You…"

The onlooking teenagers who wanted to cheer at the beginning were stunned too.

Gu Xijiu moved too quickly and strangely. Many could not see her actions clearly and how she managed to restrain the teenager.

The teenager now looked green as he was completely paralyzed and could not move at all!

He subconsciously wanted to struggle, but Gu Xijiu had pressed on his acupuncture point so that he could not move at all.

When he wanted to say something harsh, "I…" He unintentionally looked into the eyes of Gu Xijiu, and he was shocked!

The pair of eyes was too beautiful! Under the starry night, they were like a sky filled with countless stars, deep, and bright.

More importantly, she was serious!

Did he want to be shaved? Or would he prefer to help her rebuild her roof?

The answer was obvious. Though he was unwilling, he had no choice but to help her rebuild her roof. Yet, as he did not want to be ashamed, he said, "Alright, a gentleman shouldn’t fight against a lady, I’ll help to rebuild your roof."

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