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The paper quality of the doc.u.ment was very delicate. The handwriting on it was of swift calligraphy – it was Di Fuyi, Celestial Master Zuo’s handwriting. It was indeed a disengagement doc.u.ment.

Celestial Master Zuo had obviously foreseen all of it. Everything was thoroughly prepared.

Gu Xijiu wanted to laugh at it. The disengagement procedure was like a divorce. The doc.u.ment served as a divorce certificate, where each of them would keep a copy.

Mu Feng had prepared everything comprehensively to every detail. Not only did he prepare the ink that was already ground, he even prepared the red ink paste for her to seal her forefinger as a signature.

Gu Xijiu took over the brush and looked briefly at the words on the doc.u.ment. Then, she signed her name on the doc.u.ment and used her forefinger to seal her signature on top of her name with the red ink paste.

Once she was done signing the papers, Mu Feng handed out to take a copy. He touched her hand accidentally while they exchanged the papers.

Her fingers were ice-cold, but he maintained his composure and did not say anything.

Mu Feng was very efficient. He left once his mission was complete.

Gu Xijiu folded her copy of the doc.u.ment and placed it in the storage, as she returned to her seat.

The hall was once again filled with cheering and laughter like nothing had happened. They often turned their attention to Gu Xijiu, as they sought to find out more.

Gu Xijiu had eaten quite a lot.

She had explored the Dark Forest like a savage for six or seven days and had only been eating all kinds of fruits to the point where she felt almost like a monkey. Now that she could finally have a meal like a normal human being, she would definitely satiate her appet.i.te to the fullest. Moreover, the royal chef from the Emperor had thoughtfully prepared the delicacies.

While eating, she could feel like something was not right in her surroundings. She raised her head and looked around, only to realize that everyone had been looking at her. Their eyes were slightly suspicious. Some of them could no longer hold back their peals of laughter.

Gu Xijiu could not react immediately at the moment, so she touched her face instinctively.

Was there sauce on her face?

By her side, Rong Jialuo lowered his voice and said, "Xijiu, eat slowly, don't choke up." He looked around. Then, he met their eyes and said calmly, "What are you looking at? If you were being sent to the Dark Forest and were able to make it out alive, you wouldn't look any better than her."

Their expressions brightened up a little with a tiny smile. Then, they turned their attention away.

Gu Xijiu finally realized it – it was her eating manner that had surprised them.

She was terribly shocked as she looked down at the plates in front of her.

To her surprise, she had emptied six or seven servings. Most of the food was meat, served in huge portions.

Suddenly, she could sense a sudden feeling of breathlessness and suffocation in her chest.

Rong Che handed her an Amber Bowl that carried a solution in the color of azure green, "Xijiu, drink this."

Gu Xijiu knew that it was a treatment for indigestion from the scent of the solution. It was the right thing for her consumption, so she took it thankfully and drank it. Then, she could finally feel better.

"How are you?" There was a sign of concern in Rong Che’s eyes.

"I’m feeling better. Is this a special recipe from the palace?" The taste of the solution was surprisingly good, making her crave for more.

"I made it myself. Glad that you liked it," said Rong Che, smilingly.

He was a man as beautiful as jade, with a smile that would overthrow the city. His scent was subdued with a quiet elegance, yet addictive like the poppy flower. His tempting scent was enough to attract her.

Gu Xijiu spoke highly of him, as she did not expect the wealthy and honorable Eighth Prince to know how to concoct a solution for her.

There was a light in Rong Che’s eyes. Smilingly, he said, "I also know how to make different solutions with different tastes and purposes, how about a treat from me when we get back to the capital?"

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