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"It is considered very good that Miss Chong Sheng could produce a third graded medicine with an ordinary alchemy furnace." Prince Long tried to cover for Gu Xijiu. This girl was talented. She was not only good in martial arts but also in refining medicines!

The Firmament Stone was stunned too, "Master, I did not expect that you could produce a third graded medicine! I did not even expect that you could refine first graded medicines!"

In fact, it was not easy to refine medicines successfully. Even a refining pharmacist would still produce failed drugs. The Firmament Stone never saw Gu Xijiu practice her refinery skills after it woke up, so it was surprised. It almost thought that there would be all failed medicines in this alchemy furnace.

It was excited, "Master, I think it does not matter even if you lose. It is good news that you can refine a third graded medicine. It is hard to get the herbs, but it is even harder to master a level three refinery skill!"

"Shut up!" Gu Xijiu instructed again.

Le Jiajun looked a bit disappointed. She thought that she would get Prince Long's attention after her extraordinary performance, but she never thought that this would happen. She wanted to do even better in the next match and produce two fourth graded medicines. She wanted to see Chong Sheng lose badly!

She thought for a while and took out an alchemy furnace from her storage bag. She handed it to Gu Xijiu, "This alchemy furnace has the same quality as the one I am currently using. You can use it." She wanted to make sure that Gu Xijiu could not give any excuse for losing.

Gu Xijiu did not accept it, "No, I can use the current one." Then she started to get busy again.

Le Jiajun looked disdain. She thought that Gu Xijiu would want to use the alchemy furnace as a scapegoat when she lost. She did not continue persuading her anymore and began to get busy. This time, she operated even more meticulously and used all her abilities to refine the medicine.

The wind was still blowing harshly outside. Other than Shan Qing, the rest of the bounty hunters were patrolling outside the igloo. There were a lot of beasts in this ice land. In just an hour, there were more than three beasts that came to attack. Fortunately, the four bounty hunters were strong enough to kill them all in time.

Shan Qing was busy on both sides. When the fights outside were tensed, he would go out to help his teammates. When it was peaceful outside, he went back into the igloo to watch the match. He was good at martial arts and had a pair of sharp eyes. He quickly discovered that Gu Xijiu operated more efficiently than before.

This girl had a very good state of mind. Although she lost in the first match, she remained calm. Her actions were smooth and gentle which made her look very pleasant.

He never knew that she looked so good when she refined medicine!

Shan Qing’s eyes were following Gu Xijiu’s actions the entire time until he was blocked by a man in front of him.

"Shan Qing, we need your help outside. Can you go out and patrol together with your teammates?" Prince Long said softly but with a firm tone.

Shan Qing remained silent but had to go out.

He secretly decided in his heart. If Miss Chong Sheng lost the game, he would accompany her to go and find the Ice Shura Flowers again to protect her, or at least to guard at her side when she refined the medicine.

When he was patrolling outside, the rest of the bounty hunters came and asked for the results. Everyone felt disappointed when he told them the result. At the same time, they were tempted to go inside to watch the match.

While they were patrolling and discussing, they suddenly heard some excited cheer in the igloo, "Three fourth-grade medicines! Sister, you have produced three fourth-grade medicines!"

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